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  • Sophia Ng

    For most parents of young tots, engaging their tykes meaningfully with enjoyable, educational and entertaining activities is where the rubber meets the road. And for hands-on supermom Sophia Ng, it’s pedal to the metal at this stage especially! Her firstborn—fresh out of toddlerhood—is now a high-energy, inquisitive pre-schooler, while Sophia’s second, born mere months ago, is already literally finding his feet, with his increasing mobility by the day. The more often things are done together, the better this mom gets at keeping it together! Read more
  • Magdalene St Clare

    Since relocating to Australia more than a decade ago to earn her degree, work and get married, Mags (as she’s affectionately known to friends) is now also actively raising a family, after becoming a mum for the first time to multiples in one fell swoop! With the twins now aged five, Mags has made it a habit to be at work regularly before sunrise - you work hard but play equally hard too, with memorable family holidays and witnessing the twins’ milestones all being part of that plan! She makes no apologies for being a full-time career mum: she knows, after all, that her heart—and priorities—are in the right place. Read more
  • Jude De Cunha

    He was a bona fide bachelor and ladies’ man before he got married, but Jude De Cunha did settle down eventually – and by all accounts, he’s loving it. Old habits die hard though, and this father-of-one still gets his kicks – literally – by being a “weekend warrior” on the field and catching all of Liverpool FC’s soccer matches. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been domesticated! Jude takes great delight in getting “his gals” (wife Celeste and daughter Christie) in on the action, from home DIY to catching football fever. Raising a daughter has brought out a softer side to this “alpha male” too, though he admits it can be a challenge sometimes! Read more


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