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About Kids World

To meet the increasing demand for parenting support, Kids World, under Mummys Market, has been created. Growing up with our Baby World and Market parents, we serve another new purpose, to help parents all around create a better world for our kids. Where Champions Grow, Kids World is your one-stop portal for parenting articles, directory listings, as well as events for the family.

Let us help you to help your kids achieve the epitome of their childhood, leading to adult life happiness. To do this, we focus on the 3 fundamentals that makes a happy child, allowing them to become the best they can be.
Health World - A healthy childhood leads to a healthy adult life
Fun World - The family that plays together, stays together
Edu World - Enhancing intellectual and social development through early childhood education

Through the collaboration of established government and healthcare partners, "Kids World Fair" is your next to-go events in Asia that engages, educates and entertains the young and young-at-heart!

About Mummys Market

Mummys Market is the leading marketplace for parents in Singapore both online and offline. Founded in 2012 as Expo Group, the company launched the first SmartKids Asia Fair in Singapore and ran 2 very successful annual shows before the event was acquired by SPH.

Since then, Mummys Market has steadily grown to be the no.1 leading and one-of-its-kind online/offline shopping destination for mummies in Singapore, providing over 3000 brands on pregnancy, birth, babies and toddlers, and a good mix of local and international brands. Shopping for your baby gear should not be complicated and overwhelming, and Mummys Market helps to make it fun, enjoyable and simple by meeting the needs of busy mums out there.

Mummys Market also organises the successful Baby World and Baby Market Fairs, and is to-date, the largest and most prolific in Southeast Asia. The fairs run 4 times a year, with a total of 320,000+ visitors combined garnering the highest visitorship in Asia.

With a passion for the family and all mothers out there, Mummys Market is set to provide even more parenting support for its large network of young parents as your first choice, all rounded marketplace for parents in 2017.

More at www.mummysmarket.com.sg


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