3 Benefits of Taekwondo You Never Knew About – Is Taekwondo For Your Child?

Thursday, 11.05.2017

Martial arts has not lost its charm to children all around the world, but arguably the most popular of them all is Taekwondo. Today, over 700 million people in 188 countries practice Taekwondo.

With a dizzying myriad of martial arts options, picking the right one can be a tough choice. However, parents have named Taekwondo their top choice when deciding on a martial arts class for their child.

Taekwondo is a combat sport that focuses on striking (kicking and punching), and its signature flying kick move has made its way into well-loved video games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.

The biggest concern however, is that it could encourage violence in your child, and that is a huge misconception. All martial arts are centred on honour, discipline and respect. If any, it provides a safe space for your child to release any pent-up aggression.

Is Taekwondo for your child? Here are some benefits of mastering this martial art form: 

  • Self Confidence

    Taekwondo's belt system is a wonderful way to develop a child's goal setting skills and the desire to succeed. In Taekwondo, the first belt promotion can be attained in a few weeks and when your child obtains their first belt, they will learn that with dedication comes success. And as their skill increases, naturally so does their self-confidence.

  • Bully Proof

    When it comes to encounters with bullies, Taekwondo kids will have the confidence to look a bully in the eye, and stand their ground. This way, they rarely succumb to fights to prove themselves. Taekwondo teaches both offensive and defensive techniques so that your child can not only learn how to block moves during rough play but also minimise injuries on their own.

  • Excel In School

    Want your kids to do better in school? Have them close their books and engage in physical activities. Most martial arts impart core values of self-discipline and focus through rigorous hours of training. Taekwondo has a strict student-and-instructor relationship, which can also instil discipline and respect in every child.


And most importantly, your child will have a ton of fun!

Now what exactly is Taekwondo?

Tae – To strike with the foot
Kwon – To destroy with the fist
Do – The art of…

Essentially, Taekwondo is the Korean art of kicking and punching.

DID YOU KNOW: Taekwondo is one of two martial arts to be included in the Olympics (the other being Judo). Hence there are plenty of opportunities for competitions to satiate the competitive streak in every kid.

FOR BOYS: Improves overall mental and physical strength as well as coordination, and it is a great workout to work off some steam. The popularity of Taekwondo also makes it easy for them to make plenty of friends! Your child is likely to find classmates who are also learning Taekwondo.

FOR GIRLS: It is a common misconception that Taekwondo is just for boys. The truth is there are just as many girls as there are boys, and girls get just as much fulfilment out of it as boys do. In fact, girls are just as tough as boys, and the boys may even be the ones who are scared.

FUN FACT: Did you know there are 8 million Black Belt holders in the world, of which 95% of them are in Asia?

Korean Taekwondo Martial Art Academy (KTMA)

Novena Branch
171A/B Thomson Road (Opposite United Square Mall)
Getting there: 3 minutes walk from Novena MRT (United Square Exit)

West Coast Branch (Newly Opened in March!)
1 West Coast Drive #01-08/09 S(128020)

Humble Beginnings:
What started out as a newly established Taekwondo school of 200 students has now burgeoned into its current strength of 500 over the short span of 2 years.

At KTMA, don’t be expecting to enter a Taekwondo school but a Taekwondo family. KTMA strongly believes that each member’s happiness comes first. While other schools might value individual talent, KTMA chooses instead to focus on team effort and sportsmanship, believing that their students can excel further when supported by their fellow teammates.

In the 43rd National Kyorugi Competition, KTMA won Best Fighting Spirit, indicative of the values that KTMA has passed down to its students.

Korean Instructors:

KTMA has handpicked a team of the best instructors who graduated from top Korean Taekwondo universities, and are dedicated to imparting cutting edge techniques to your kids, while ensuring they have fun in the process.


Competition Opportunities:

There are plenty of opportunities to participate in competitions at KTMA, which provides an ideal space for your child to experience first-hand, the sweet victory of winning as a team. Even when there are losses, you can be rest assured that your child has a solid support system in the form of their instructors and friends at KTMA to get them back up on their feet again.

KTMA offers your child the chance to participate in most of the Taekwondo competitions from the National Kyorugi (Sparring) and the National Poomsae (Pattern) to others such as the annual Nestle KoKo Krunch Taekwondo Championships and even overseas competitions.  

To join the KTMA family, visit or contact them here.

Phone: +65 6258 8863 / +65 9001 5830
Facebook: KTMASG

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