6 Enrichment Ideas for Your Kids in 2018

Thursday, 21.12.2017

2018 is nearly here, and yes it’s as scary as it sounds. 2017 flew by in a flash, and now we and our kids are suddenly a year older! There are a ton of enrichment classes out there in Singapore and you might be wondering which ones will be great for your kid or kids to attend, so we’ve listed out 6 ideas for you!

Gentle Martial Arts

1. SA Judo

SA Judo, also known as Shun An Judo Academy, was founded in 2003 by a SEA Games gold medallist, Mr Tang Soon Onn. They’ve got a team of passionate coaches who have a minimum of 10 years in competitive Judo and coaching, and they’ve adapted the traditional Japanese style of teaching with a focus on self-discipline, humility, respect for self and others, resilience, and perseverance.

Mr Tang's daughter, Tang Jingfang, is also a coach there – but don’t let her youth fool you! She was the only female representative in 2010’s inaugural Youth Olympic Games that was held in Singapore, and has more than enough experience and passion to teach your children.

Judo is a martial art that doesn’t incorporate many strikes – the focus is more on throws, maintaining your balance while trying to throw opponents off theirs, and a strong core.

So how does Judo help your child? Getting them started from young will build the foundations for a series of good habits and personality traits such as: getting and staying physically fit through strength, flexibility, balance, agility, and endurance training; being humble and respectful to themselves and others; and improving their self-confidence.

SA Judo has classes for adults too, so if you’re keen on doing an activity with your child that you can bond together on, go ahead and sign up with them!

Visit the SA Judo website to find out more about them and sign up for a free trial!


2. Kidou Academy

The Kidou Academy is an Aikido school that’s specifically for kids! Their classes are suitable for kids aged 4 to 12 years old, and are conducted by instructors that have plenty of experience in aikido, and teaching it to young kids too.

They were established in 2014, and they believe in the teaching capability of play-powered aikido that’s focused on developing skills, discipline, and strength for their students. Students will not only be improving their fitness and learning to defend themselves, they’ll be starting out on a journey to bettering themselves as people.

Aikido is a martial art that allows practitioners to defend themselves while protecting the attacker from injury – it focuses on throws and pins that limit injuries. Kids are taught to focus on safety and body coordination, and Kidou believes that through the practice of aikido, each kid will grow up to be a matured and healthy individual with good manners and strong values.

Visit the Kidou Academy website to find out more about them and sign up for a free trial!


Engaging, Play-based Learning

3. PlayFACTO School

PlayFACTO makes learning fun for your kids, with their Creative Math and Play Group programmes! They believe in holistic well-being, academic learning, and social-emotional development of their students, and actively promotes the engagement of their learning and life-skills!

Since their founding, they’ve devoted their energy and time to provide customised and individualised math and brain education for children aged 3-10. They do intensive research on how kids They look into intensive research on how children learn mathematics and how mathematics and logic reasoning impacts on children’s brain development.

Their Play Group programme puts emphasis on empowering your kids to explore and experience the world around them. Their students learn in an engaging and fun environment filled with a variety of activities that strengthen their innate love of learning! They’ll engage in hands-on activities to enhance their sensory and aesthetic awareness, all while developing fine motor, and social skills.

Visit the PlayFACTO website to find out more about them!


4. Genius R Us

Looking for an enrichment centre that offers your kids unique learning experiences through baking and crafting? Genius R Us gives you just that! Their workshops are tailored to bring out the ‘genius’ in every kid through the process of creative learning and self-discovery. If you’re also looking to throw a unique birthday party for your kid and their friends, you’ll be happy to know that they’re able to take

Ever since their founding in 2002, they’ve been actively engaging the community to learn what is it that parents and children are looking for, and improving on their programmes based on their feedback. From then til now, more than 75,000 kids have attended their workshops and camps.

Not only do they work with kids, they’ve worked with corporations like Citibank, DBS Bank, Cordlife, Deloitte Singapore, Housing Development Board, and many more, to foster teambuilding!

Visit the Genius R Us website to find out more about them!


Building Tiny Wordsmiths

5. Chengzhu Mandarin Centre

Mandarin isn’t the easiest of things to learn, but Chengzhu will help your kid out through a dramatically different approach to teaching. Through speech and drama, songs, games, stories, and conversations, kids are drawn into the activities and are engaged to absorb the language.

Chengzu believes in 4 core values in education that can also be applied to our kids’ day-to-day lives in order to build character as well:

  • Relationships: the connections that we make are precious bonds that need to be respected and valued. Regardless of whether it’s with children, parents, or colleagues, they are always committed to them to learn and grow as one Chengzhu family.
  • Excellence: every day they dedicate themselves to deliver only their very best, and challenge themselves to be even better.
  • Genuine: they stay true and real to their code of ethics – honesty, sincerity, and being genuine to all they meet.
  • Magic: they infuse magic and wonder into all that they teach, inspiring every learner to be immersed in a different world.

Chengzhu has programmes targeted towards different age groups, from 6 months to 3 years, kindergarten, and primary school level students. Activities are a mix of child and teacher-led, with learning centres planned in a way to give children the opportunity to investigate, experiment, observe, and apply their knowledge in order to develop a greater sense of themselves and the world around them.

Through speech and drama, songs, games, stories, and conversations, kids are drawn into the activities and are engaged to absorb the language.


6. Lorna Whiston

Lorna Whiston Schools were established in 1980, and they’ve built up a strong reputation for having high quality education centres in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. They’ve got an unwavering commitment to excellence, and they spare no expense to ensure students get the best in terms of educational opportunities.

They’ve also got core values that they wish to instil into their students, and are actively exhibited by their educators:

  • Collaboration: they are supportive and positive, and they’ll work together to ensure the success of the whole group.
  • Integrity: they are ethical, honest, and transparent in their interactions with everyone.
  • Learning-centred: they are committed to lifelong learning; learning is central to everything that they do. Mistakes are there to be analysed and learnt from.
  • Determination: they are driven to be the best that they can possibly be. They love challenges, and go above and beyond the call of duty to reach their goals.
  • Forward-looking: they encourage innovative thinking, to look ahead to what needs to be done to stay ahead of the game.

For parents of pre-schoolers, you’ll be happy to know that Lorna Whiston’s approach to teaching is through exploration and discovery. Their students engage in active learning experiences to fully understand the skills and concepts being taught. Their bilingual immersion programme ensures that your children develop excellent communication skills in both English and Mandarin through a natural setting.

Teachers continually monitor each and every kid’s progress, and will provide feedback to parents in their twice yearly parent teacher conferences. Problem areas will be highlighted and worked on, to ensure that your kids will excel in all subject areas upon entering primary school.


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