7 Local Drinks that We Love!

Friday, 17.08.2018

Growing up in Singapore is definitely an experience – there’re people who say that we don’t have enough of a history or a culture to build an identity, but our identity is definitely here! And sometimes, we don’t even have to look that far off – our identity is right in front of our noses. 

We have food all over our country from all over the world (Moroccan, Tahitian, Mongolian, Swedish, just to name a few), our HDB flats are uniquely Singaporean and reflective of the time when we needed affordable, good, space-saving, homes for our citizens, and I’m sure that we’ve grown up alongside a bunch of icons (Big Splash, playgrounds with sand, East Coast Park, and Parkway Parade were some of mine)!

But today, let’s talk about yummy drinks that we’ve probably had at least once before through our many years! Let’s try to pass on a bit of nostalgic local flavour to our kids as well.




Where would we be if we didn’t start with this awesome drink? Milo is a drink that we grew up with, and quite possibly still drink from time to time (late night prata supper, anyone?). Whether it’s the standard, dinosaur, Godzilla, or King Kong variation, it’s still yummy for almost any situation and time!

It’s high in calcium, iron, and vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12 – great for a tasty treat that’s also nutritious enough!






This pink delight can be found at hawker centres and food courts, and its colour might resemble that of a cough syrup, but it definitely doesn’t taste anything like one! It’s a mix of rose cordial syrup and milk, and it’s really, really sweet. 


Don’t let your kids drink this too much. A treat once in a while will be good as it’s extremely high in sugar content!


Sugarcane Juice

From brown to pink and now to green, we’ve got the humble and healthy sugarcane juice. We’ve all seen that machine that squishes the juices out of the sugarcane, and one of the best things about it is that it’s all natural and doesn’t contain added sugar.

It’s cooling and is loaded with carbs, protein, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, and vitamins A, B-complex, and C – pretty perfect for the warm Singapore weather, wouldn’t you say?





Another cooling drink, barley water helps us detox our bodies, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar, and promotes a good digestive system. Drinking barley on its own might take some getting used to due to the acquired taste, but if you wish to make it tastier for your kids to drink, simply mix some freshly squeezed lemon juice into it and finish up with a teaspoon of honey!


Soya Bean

Another staple drink of Singaporeans, the soya bean drink can be found in pretty much all hawker centres in our island. Soya beans are also healthy and are high in protein content, vitamins, minerals, and fibre! 
The plant-based protein in soy also has the ability to lower cholesterol levels, so that’s something for you parents to take into consideration too! Like barley, drinking unsweetened soya bean takes some getting used to, so maybe you can add in a bit of sugar to the drink to make it more palatable.

Teh Tarik


Now we’re moving on to the slightly more ‘adult’ drinks. This famous drink can be considered to be the national drink of our neighbour, Malaysia. It’s a sweet, frothy tea that’s poured back and forth between two cups. The pouring serves 2 purposes – to cool down the drink, and to make it taste better!


Kopi and Teh 

One part of most of our daily breakfasts is kopi or teh, and if we’re not having them at home, there’s always the kopitiams that are open early in the morning! No need for super atas or expensive designer drinks when you have the good old kopi and teh waiting for you! As an added bonus, they’re also very cheap and can be customised to your tastes.



Drink in Style

Won’t it be amazing if you’re able to keep your drink warm or cold for hours, while also rocking a cool tumbler? 

Thermos® launched a new JNR-series of customizable ultra-light one-push tumblers, with a lid area for different stickers to be inserted – a sleek and stylish tumbler for kids to bring to school or parents for work!

In collaboration with a home-grown creative house, Deer and Den Design, the new JNR-series one-push tumbler comes with 3 local design stickers featuring Singapore’s icons and 1 empty sticker for you to design your own creation to truly make it your own. 

A series of lid stickers will be included exclusively with every purchase of a JNR tumbler in Singapore. 

With two sizes (350ml and 500ml) and five colours (Midnight Black, Wine Red, Cream White, Light Blue and Light Pink) to choose from, the JNR-series is a sleek, compact, sturdy and leak-proof choice. With a removable spout for easy washing, your favourite beverages can stay hot or cold for at least 6 hours with these tumblers. 

Create your own personal style today! The new one-push tumblers JNR-350 and JNR-500 retail at $45 and $49 respectively and are available at all

leading department stores. For more information, visit








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