8 Easy Ways To Keep Kids Healthy While Travelling

Monday, 04.12.2017

The holidays finally here and it is once again that time of the year for family vacations. Children of all ages often find travels fascinating, and while holidays can be fun, the nightmare begins when your child falls sick overseas.

Find out how to keep your children in the pink of health for your holidays! 

#1 Germs Germs Go Away 

Antibacterial wipes and sanitisers are handbag essentials and will prove to be useful when there are no washing facilities nearby. A quick spritz of antibacterial spray can zap the germs away and prevent your child from catching any nasty bugs. 

#2 Drink Up 

It can be difficult to get your kids to drink enough water, but it is important that kids stay hydrated, especially when they are more active on holidays.

Have your child carry around a refillable water bottle, and make sure that it is refilled twice a day. Make a game out of it and reward your child when they finish their bottle of water at the end of the day.

Another trick is to infuse their water with flavour by adding fresh fruits like strawberries, raspberries or lemon. This will not only improve the taste, but also introduce more fiber into their systems.

#3 Strengthen Their Immunity

Prevention is always better than cure - hence keeping up your child’s immunity is key. Travelling to new places will certainly expose your child to unseen germs. Therefore it is important to load up on vitamin Cs. Consider Immunped , a good source of zinc and vitamin C to boost your child’s immunity.

Start your child on a daily dosage of Immunped two days before your trip, and continue their daily dosage for the duration of your holiday. Immunped comes in a delicious apple flavor that will not pose a chore to take. Large doses of vitamin C and zinc have been found to significantly boost immunity and reduce the risk of colds.

#4 Battling Constipation

Children are also highly susceptible to traveler’s constipation when abroad. There can be many causes - from skipping on fruit and vegetables to drinking less water to jet lag. Relieve your child’s constipation by keeping track of their fibre intake. Ensure they consume at least a handful of fruits & vegetables on a daily basis.

If you pick up signs of constipation, half a cup of orange juice or plum juice can always help their bowels. Take note to avoid bananas if your child is constipated, as it will worsen it.

#5 Pack a Travel First-Aid Kit 

Ensure that your travel first aid kit contains all these items to be travel ready.

  • Thermometer – Detecting an abnormal temperature can guide you to deciding what to do next
  • Benadryl - for common allergies, can be bought over the counter
  • Vapour ointments - Kids tend to get stuffy noses on flights or in colder countries, so pack these to clear clogged noses for them to breathe better
  • Insect repellant – The effective ones contain DEET as an active ingredient
  • Antiseptic - for minor cuts and abrasions

 #6 Combat Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is caused by an imbalance in your eyes and ears, and may sometimes affect kids when they travel by plane or in long car rides. Here are some simple tricks to deal with motion sickness:

  • If you are going to be spending some time on the road, ensure your kids have a light meal or snack, as motion sickness is more prevalent on an empty stomach.
  • Encourage your kids to focus on faraway distant and still objects (clouds) instead of moving objects (like cars).
  • Use a headrest to minimise head movement.
  • Make frequent short stops if your child gets too uncomfortable and get them to talk short walks and plenty of fresh air.

#7 Got the Runs 
Diarrhoea and other stomach problems are prevalent on holidays, and the most common causes are contaminated food or water. Fortunately, there are very simple ways to greatly reduce the risk of diarrhoea:

  • Make sure that your kids always wash their hands before mealtime.
  • If possible, only drink bottled water.
  • Try to avoid fresh fruits or vegetables unless they are cooked or washed well.
  • Ensure meats and vegetables are thoroughly cooked.
  • Avoid consuming food from street vendors.

#8 Visit a Doctor before You Go 
Get your routine immunisations before your travel. Do some research on the countries that you will be visiting to ensure your child gets the proper vaccinations. Be sure to check on the incubation periods of the respective vaccinations so that you are not at the doctor too late. For children under 2, always consider the seasons and avoid travel periods where flu season is rampant.

Here are some common vaccinations to consider before visiting these countries:
a. Yellow Fever Vaccination - Africa or South America
b. Malaria Vaccination - regions of South-East Asia
c. Flu Jabs - Australia or North America (In Winter)
d. Hepatitis A & Typhoid Shots - South-East Asia, areas with poor sanitation

It never hurts to carry a record of your child’s medical history with you at all times, in the event medical attention is ever needed. Your child’s medical record should include the following:

1. Your name
2. Your child's name
3. Your address and home phone number
4. Your child's blood type
5. Immunisation records
6. Your family doctor's name, address, and office and emergency phone numbers
7. The name, address, and phone number of your health insurance carrier, including your policy number
8. A list of any ongoing health problems, such as diabetes or asthma
9. A list of any medicines your child takes
10. A list of allergies to medications, food, insects, and animals
11. A prescription for glasses or contact lenses
12. The name, address, and phone number of a relative other than you

It can be a very daunting experience when planning a vacation for your children, but don’t let that fear stop you. It is bred from an amalgamation of uncertainties in unfamiliar situations. Once you disperse those uncertainties and understand the necessary precautions to take, you will be fully prepared for a trip of a lifetime. So pack your first-aid kit, stock up on your vitamins and get ready to create some unforgettable memories together!

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