Boy Vs Girl: Do They Develop Differently?

Tuesday, 06.03.2018


When looking at gender differences in development, it can be difficult to tell if those difference are from biology or from social pressure. But researches have found that there isn’t much difference between baby boys and girls. There is a difference – but subtle ones.

Gender identity

Toddlers may know their gender by the time they are 3 years old but they are not fully aware of what that means. They will choose the toys they want to play with, whether it’s a truck or a doll, it makes no difference to them.

Between 3 – 4 years old is when they will start to be more aware and choose the toys they think are appropriate for them. It’s also around this age when they start playing with friends of the same gender.

Getting dressed

On average, girls learn how to do more detailed and complicated tasks earlier than boys. Such as dressing themselves and doodling. This, however, also depends on their fine motor skills, which develops differently with each child.


Girls tend to develop social skills earlier than boys. However, this also is dependent on the upbringing of the child. The situation which their brought up in affects their interaction skills. Example, toddlers with elder sibling tend to be more comfortable with interacting with other kids.

Physical activity

Generally, boys are more active and restless than girls – but this is just a small difference. All kids, regardless of gender, just loves moving around. They need at least 3 hours of activity a day to satisfy their need to get up and about.

There is however, studies to prove that boys are slightly more likely to let their frustrations show compared to girls.

Potty training

Girls do tend to be potty trained a few months ahead of boys. Not quite sure why this is though. Perhaps it’s because boys are more restless and the action of peeing takes more practice and focus.


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