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Thursday, 30.08.2018

Breakfast, is the most important meal of the day! We keep telling our kids that, and we’ve definitely been told that when we were kids ourselves – we’re just passing on the wisdom from generation to generation. If your kid starts asking why is breakfast so important, you can tell him or her this:

“Imagine you’re an aeroplane, but your fuel tank is empty! How can you fly if you’re empty? Eating lots of good and healthy food for breakfast will fill up your fuel tank so you can go zooming around the whole day!”

This is really important, as a study1 showed that kids who eat breakfast do better in school, can actually participate in P.E. (to help with their physical growth), and generally tend to eat healthier. 

(Study1: Association between breakfast consumption and educational outcomes in 9–11-year-old children, by Hannah J Littlecott et al.,, accessed on 4 July 2018) 

Kids who don’t eat breakfast might not be able to concentrate during classes, and are more likely to be overweight as they’ll binge on unhealthy food or simply eat more just to fill up their empty tummies!

What Should Your Breakfast Contain?

In a perfect world, we’ll be eating a well-made and well-rounded breakfast every morning; realistically speaking though, we might not have the time to prepare it due to our busy schedules! Do your best not to include too many foods that are high in sugar for your kids as they don’t contain the nutrients all that their growing bodies need. An alternative for sweeter cereals is to have whole grain versions that contain natural berries or other fruits in them.

Include these for a healthy breakfast that won’t leave your stomach growling for more so soon:

If you’re rushed for time, consider doing these quick breakfasts that you can prepare the night before:

MARIGOLD HL MILK: The Perfect Complement To Your Breakfasts

Who doesn’t like a glass of milk to accompany their breakfasts? 
Well, MARIGOLD HL Milk has got your back with their ever delicious milk – high in calcium, high in protein, low in fat, and low in lactose!

It’s a great start to your family’s morning, and especially so for your growing kids! They need a ton of calcium and protein to strengthen their growing bones and muscles – calcium is the major building block of bone development, and protein is needed for the healthy formation of bones and muscles.

Not only does MARIGOLD HL Milk taste great, it comes with a whole suite of other nutritious benefits for the whole family such as being infused with their unique BonePlus formulation. Their BonePlus formulation has vitamins K and D infused in it that helps in calcium absorption, which improves bone strength, and boosts the body’s immune system!

Here are 3 simple foods that go along great with a glass of MARIGOLD HL Milk:


One of the most versatile and easily prepared breakfast foods is the humble loaf of bread. White bread is good, but there are healthier alternatives, such as wholegrain bread! You should also check how much fibre the bread has, along with the sodium content – more fibre and less sodium will do your family wonders to staying healthy.


Eggs, milk, bread… these are the trifecta of breakfast foods, and it’s easy to see why! Similar to bread, it can be prepared or used in a multitude of ways – sunny-side up, scrambled, poached, soft-boiled, hard-boiled, etc.! 


Most fruits are filled with vitamins and nutrients, and their fibre content tends to fill you up nicely until lunchtime!  Some of the best fruits that goes well with milk are bananas and mixed berries. Mixing banana slices with cereal or oats gives them a naturally sweeter taste too. You can also choose to blend fruits with a glass of MARIGOLD HL Milk to create a yummy smoothie, which is pretty awesome to drink in the morning. 

A Deliciously Healthy Breakfast!

Combining the trifecta of breakfast foods will lead to the yummy French Toast. In addition to bread, milk, and eggs, you’ll need some sugar and salt, along with some butter. Mix together the milk, salt, and sugar, then dip the slices of bread into the mixture. Make sure both sides are nicely coated!

Next, melt the butter in a frying pan, then place the slices of bread in the pan – you’ll be done with one side of the bread in around 1-2 minutes. Serve it hot with a chilled glass of milk, and your kids are going to start their day really happy!

So  what  are  you  waiting  for?  Set   forth   on   your journey   to  a  healthier  breakfast for your family with MARIGOLD HL Milk today!



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