Is My Child Having A Cold Or An Allergy?

Wednesday, 28.02.2018


So your toddler’s runny nose, sniffing and cough has been going on for awhile now. Could your initially assumption of it being a common cold actually mean something else?

Cold and allergy symptoms are very much alike but are very different conditions altogether. Here’s how you can tell the two apart:

The period that the symptoms are showing

Colds: Symptoms are the worst for the first few days and gradually ease up within a couple of weeks.

Allergy: Symptoms last for several weeks or even months.

Family history

If either one of the parent has allergies, there is a 25% chance your child might have them too. If both parents have allergies, the chances are increased to 50%. To be sure, you might want to consider heading to an allergist to get them tested. Or you can try eliminating a certain food from their diet to see if the symptoms clear.

Is anyone else in the family sick?

If any else in the family experiencing the same symptoms, there’s a good chance your child has been hit by the same virus. If your child is attending childcare, check with the centre to see if there’s a bug going around.

Take this quick quiz!

What is the consistency and colour of your child’s mucus?

1. Watery and clear

2. Thick, cloudy and slightly coloured (yellow, green)

How is your child coughing?

1. Dry

2. Wet / Phlegmy

Are your child’s eyes:

1. Itchy or watery/teary?

2. Pretty normal

Does your child have a fever?

1. No

2. Yes

If you answered ‘2’ to most of the questions, it is likely that your child has a cold or other infections. If the answers are mostly ‘1’, it is likely your child has an allergy.  


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