KidZania Singapore: Edutainment At Its Finest

Tuesday, 04.09.2018

Remember when we were kids and how we pretended we were firefighters saving a building from raging flames, police officers solving crime or even pilots zooming through the skies? What if our kids could do that… and more?

One of the first things that you’ll notice when approaching KidZania Singapore is that there’s a full-winged fuselage literally sticking out of its building; it’s a real Boeing 737 by the way, albeit with a retrofitted interior and missing its tail! And once you’re at the entrance of KidZania Singapore, you’ll be greeted by the Airport Ticketing Counters where families can purchase their admission tickets. 

All in all, it’s a pretty cute introduction to what’ll be waiting for your kids inside the kid-sized city! 

What is KidZania Singapore?

  • Indoor kid-sized City 
  • Kids can work, learn and play through experience 
  • Over 60 role-play activities
  • First in the world to be located on an island resort
  • First KidZania to house a full-winged fuselage of a Boeing 737
  • One of the few cities to have both a Stadium and a Mountaineering School  

Learning About Money & Economy

Kids learn the value of money as they work, earn, and use kidZos (KidZania’s own currency)! Upon entering the City, kids will receive 20 kidZos and a bank card containing 30 kidZos, which they can use to partake in activities, save or spend to purchase goods and services.

As with all things in KidZania, kids are given the independence and freedom to manage their finances on their own, either at the bank branch or through the ATMs and iKiosks found throughout the city. 

It’s interesting that our kids will actually experience the concept of money management, as they’ll find out it takes time to earn money (through the careers and work) but without proper self-control, they’ll end up spending it all quickly!

Do you know that kidZos earned are accepted in all KidZania Cities? So remember to bring them along with you on your next visit! 

Education Through Experience

KidZania is designed to educate kids through experiencing the different careers available to them in the City. This is otherwise known as experiential learning – learning through doing! And the kids will definitely be doing a lot of hands-on learning. 

Kids experience fun when they try out a career, and emotional reactions are what help those experiences stick with them – they might be a firefighter where they’ll learn how to work together as a team to put out a fire, or a paramedic who’ll be treating burn victims from that fire! This entire process leads to reflection, change, and active experimentation. 

The careers provided give the kids a nice little sneak peek into working life, while imparting unforgettable life
experiences at the same time!

Over 60 Careers and Activities For Your Kids!

As mentioned before, there are a ton of jobs that your kid can choose from to gain a taste of work life! The firefighter, police officer, and paramedic careers aren’t just the only interesting ones! There are other professions like Cash Officer, Junior Scientist, Pilot, Cabin Crew, Radio Presenter, Mountaineer, and many more!

You’ll even be able to participate in certain activities with your kids to make it even more immersive!

Cabin Passenger at the Aviation Academy 

Assume the relaxing role of a passenger aboard a flight and let your kids take care of your every need, all with a smile!

Cash Officer at the Vault

Navigate around the City with your kids and transport kidZos from one location to another – find the fastest routes that you can take while keeping those kidZos safe and secure!

Look out for the 'Parents Welcome' signage at each establishment and join in the fun with your kids when you're down at the City. You'll never know if you’re going to perform in the City Parade…

Upcoming KidZania Singapore Events!


KidZ & Craft 
Date: 8 August – 9 September 2018 
Unleash your kid’s creativity and let their artistic skills flourish through fun! 

Kids can learn the art of paper marbling or personalise their very own keychain. They can also create their own masterpiece through Art Jamming, and many more fun activities! 

For more information on events and promotions, visit now! 


KidZania Singapore Family Night 
Date: 1 September 2018 | Time:  6pm-10pm

Get ready to rev up your engines at KidZania Singapore! For one night only, get entertained by a special race-themed dance performance, magic show, and even stand to win the Best Dressed Family Award! Get your tickets at now!

SpookyTown: The Lost Carnival
Date: 26-28 October, 2-6 November 2018 | Time:  6:30pm-11:30pm
Are you and your kids ready for an exciting night extravaganza at SpookyTown this Halloween season? Come see the beloved City transform into SpookyTown, just for brave souls to help uncover the truth and solve the mystery of The Lost Carnival. Expect a spooktackular haunted house, carnival games, trick or treating, carnival parades, food and more!

For more information on events and promotions, visit now! 



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