Kidou Academy: Aikido for Kiddos

Wednesday, 14.03.2018


Aikido is a great martial art for kids to learn as it’s gentle yet firm, and teaches them how to control themselves rather than strike out at others. Read on to find out more about this martial art and watch some videos on basic Aikido techniques!

Many parents will be asking the same questions when it comes to their child’s education. Most often than not, the question revolves around how the programme can benefit their child. It becomes more predominant when it comes to learning a martial art like Aikido.

Adults may practice Aikido for inner peace, relaxation, or self-defence. But these are concepts that most kids don't even think about. The question in this case is how does aikido helps kids?

We all know that Aikido is a non-aggressive martial art. To explain it in the simplest explanation, it is a non-violent, non-competitive martial art which focuses on harmonious body movement and balance control rather than destructive striking techniques for self-defence.

And because of this, Aikido is an exceptionally wonderful martial art for children, ladies and senior citizens as it does not uses your strength to counter an attack but rather the movement of the attacker. Aikido teaches kids practical self-defence, since it does not rely on size, or speed, or weight.

Through training, kids develop calm, clear minds. As a result, they absorb knowledge easier, and think with greater clarity. It teaches that in order to create something worthwhile, you must work in harmony with your environment and others. If your mind is correct, calm, and positive, you can make something good out of whatever the universe hands you.

Basic Aikido Techniques

Before we go into the videos, there are some terms that I’d like to discuss: uke and nage! You’ll see them mentioned at the end of the videos, and you might be wondering what they mean – those are Japanese words frequently used in martial arts, and all the time in Aikido.

Uke (which literally means the one who receives; the one who takes the fall) and nage (the thrower) have a very special relationship. Unlike many martial artists who train against an opponent, the aikidoka trains with a partner – each partner is half of a whole, having equal responsibility for the learning experience.

With that said, here are 5 videos on Aikido Techniques, courtesy of Kidou Academy’s founder, Erwin Yuhanis:

Katatetori Gyakuhanmi Kokyo-nage

Katatetori Gyakuhanmi Jiyuwaza

Katatetori Aihanmi Iriminage

Katatetori Aihanmi Ikkyo Ura

Katatetori Aihanmi Ikkyo Omote

To find out more about Kidou Academy and what they do, visit their website here!



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