L.E.A.D Camp—for Little Big Dreamers!

Thursday, 24.11.2016

This December, leading enrichment provider Learning Horizon aims to empower 7-12-year-olds with fresh insights into social entrepreneurship and cutting-edge business practices. Over three day-long sessions, children will be inspired to take the L.E.A.D and hit the CEO Fast Track to leadership success.

A knowledge-intensive, innovation-driven economy needs enterprising and creative individuals in business, government, and various industry sectors. Who’s going to take over the reins and drive the next wave of entrepreneurship?

Enter the post-millennials, also known as digital natives, or the touch screen generation.

In other words, your kid(s), that’s who!

Towards that end, enrichment extraordinaire Learning Horizon is launching three-day camp initiative L.E.A.D, with initials that stand for Leadership Expedition and Discovery.

L.E.A.D begins by tearing down the walls of the corporate boardroom and thrusts kids instead into a borderless world of possibility that facilitates learning, stimulates business savvy and cultivates leadership.

The co-curricular enthusiasts at Learning Horizon envision L.E.A.D as the catalyst that fuels every child’s leadership potential, self-confidence and winning mindset. A host of value-creating activities have been designed to cater to every child’s creative sensibilities and sense of adventure—whether it’s cracking new challenges or role playing as powerhouse entrepreneurs the likes of Walt Disney, Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerburg!

L.E.A.D is conducted in stimulating, supportive peer-to-peer environments where Learning Horizon’s life coaches enable active and meaningful participation all round. Character-building interactions further challenge kids to examine and solve problems from different perspectives, and will also encourage them to make responsible decisions and take calculated risks.

Fueling Ambition
L.E.A.D Camp is characterised by the “CEO Fast Track” where kids embark on a three-day learning journey geared towards The Making of a Young CEO. A successful race to the finish depends on independent efforts and coordinated teamwork to accomplish specific goals that define the spirit of each day’s distinct subtheme: 

Day 1: Inspire to Dream
Learn about personal branding and develop an action-oriented sales and marketing plan.

Day 2: Dream to Reality!
Partner with The Boys’ Brigade in a donation food drive and help execute a charity sale to showcase corporate social responsibility in a first-hand fashion.

Day 3: Outstanding Sportsmanship
Brush up on presentation skills and learn the fundamentals of good sportsmanship (literally, in leaps and bounds!) at collaborating venue Katapult Trampoline Park.

… Remember: grooming the great LEAD-ers of tomorrow begins today!

Is your child ready to be a go-getter?

Register now at 6601 9709 / Email or / Web

Date: 5—7 December 2016 
Time: 9am—530pm
Age group: 7—12 years old
Venues: 11, Eunos Road 8 (Lifelong Learning Institute); 105 Ganges Avenue (The Boys’ Brigade); 81 Lorong Chencharu (Katapult Trampoline Park)
Fees (GST inclusive): $224.70

This article is brought to you by acclaimed enrichment provider Learning Horizon, which caters to lifelong learners with its proven track record of highly-regarded and customised holistic programmes.

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