Learn as you Play with Discovery Camps

Wednesday, 17.10.2018

Learn as you Play with Discovery Camps

School’s almost out and the holidays are drawing near. What would your child do with all that free time this end-of- year holidays? Wouldn’t it be great if they could unwind and have fun at the same time?  If you are wracking your brains thinking up activities to keep your little troopers occupied, look no further, for the good folks at Discovery Camps have done all the tough planning for you!


Discovery Camps feature a wide array of fun camps, specially put together for kids aged between 3 to 12 years old and are sure to boost your child’s talents this holiday break! Held at 3 centrally convenient locations —United Square, Parkway Parade and SJI International School (bus service available for this location), getting your kids to these camps should be easy peasy.

So, whether your child is a visual, kinaesthetic or aural learner, we assure you, there is a camp for that! Read on to find out more about the wide variety of camps that will leave you spoilt for choice!


Multi-Activity – From Ages 3 to 8

Crammed full and with different activities to keep kids learning and having fun this summer, this Multi-Activity camp is a balance of educational and creative classes that incorporates the elements of English, Sports, Drama, Music, Art and Zumba into its programme. If your child is one who gets bored easily or simply can’t sit still, then this is precisely what you need.

English Explorers – From Ages 3 to 8

If English is your main area of concern, sign up for the English Explorers Camp! Their team of Native English teachers have put together fun and interactive activities with a focus on creative writing, story comprehension, cloze passages, grammar and vocabulary that is sure to boost your child’s English skills.

Actor’s Studio – From Ages 4 to 8

Lights, Camera, Action! Looking to boost your child’s confidence in public speaking? This might just be the perfect camp for your budding actor. Let your 6 to 8 year olds take charge of production, rehearse and put up a show for you in the Black Box Theatre! If your child is aged between 4 and 5, he or she might just be performing a musical theme run by the ABA Theatre Academy at SJI international.  

Lego® Robotics Studio – From Ages 6 to 12

Is your kid the first to jump on assembling a toy or into building things out of scratch? Then here’s your chance to hone your child’s critical thinking skills with Lego® Robotics ­­­­— a multi-disciplinary camp that combines the likes of science, engineering and Math. Tailored at two different levels to cater to wide age range, this camp ensures the older children go further than just construction to learn programming concepts. Expect plenty of hands-on experience while they brainstorm, experiment, build and bring their robots to life!

Magic Maths – From Ages 6 to 8

Enhance your child’s problem-solving skills through interactive games and number exploration in Magic Maths! Each week of the 7-week camp will focus on a different Math component — addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, graphing, estimation and story problems. 

Code Academy - From Ages 6 to 12

Does your kid love Minecraft? The Code Academy teaches your child how to design, code and publish their own game! Coding enhances your child’s critical thinking skills and logical reasoning and, in the process, — help them become more effective problem-solvers!

Movie Maker – From Ages 6 to 8

Calling all budding film makers! This camp teaches children how to write and produce their very own stop-motion animated film. Characters and scenes are first brought to life using clay and Lego. Thereafter, through the use of digital photography and movie editing tools, your little director will learn how to create an animated movie!


Box/Blurb – What we Love about Discovery Camps

Best Value in Town

These camps come at an unbeatable, all-inclusive price that helps you stretch your dollar in the best way possible — $595 per child, per camp. Your child will also receive a Discovery Camp T-shirt and all relevant camp supplies and learning materials.

Whole Day Planned

Regardless of whether you’re a SAHM or FTWM, you don’t have the stress of what to do with your kids for a week. You can drop your child off as early as 8.30 am and the teachers will take over till 3pm!

Michelin Star Quality Meals

The camp serves 3 healthy, freshly cooked meals throughout the day prepared by Michelin Star Chef Emmanuel Stroobant. All menus are nut-free and you can further make special requests on meal options if required.

Flexibility and Fuss-Free Booking

Change in plans? No sweat cos you can modify your booking up to 10 days before the start of your child’s camp (subject to availability).  Booking is a whizz with their online booking system Just make sure to have your credit cards ready!


Have a question? Call Discovery Camps at +65 6664 8122.


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