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Monday, 09.07.2018

MAKE is many things – the practical application of math and science using everyday materials that kids can safely recreate at home. This is experiential learning at its finest, brought to your kids by two amazingly dedicated founders. Find out how you can claim a free trial class from MAKE below!

Using their educational experience and background, they’ve developed wholly unique programs that are based on an MOE-aligned curriculum of Maths and Science – their experiments make full use of what’s being or will be taught in your child’s syllabus and has been crafted from the ground up by MAKE themselves!

I paid a visit to their school and was impressed with the two classes that I attended that day – one was for lower primary students, and the other was for the upper primary students. Both classes involved the safe usage of tools to help the children craft out their inventions of the week – one was a device for testing an item’s static electricity, and the other was magnets that required precise measurements to create the illusion of a floating stick-man.

BOTH the boys and girls were having a ton of fun experimenting, discussing, and executing their projects within the timeframe of an hour plus. The instructors were always at hand to guide their students, but never hovering over them to micromanage – only when the students weren’t able to help each other out, did they step in to assist.



3 Simple Steps

MAKE uses a 3 Stage Learning Model to help your children learn and absorb the classes better:

  • REFRESH classes reinforce children's understanding of key concepts, familiarize them with question formats and interpretation. They also introduce real-life application of these concepts, so children see the purpose of their learning. The following are often used to heighten engagement levels in class: mind mapping, mini games, individualised coaching, and topical focus.
  • MAKE is the core component of their program. Children see theories come to life through their handmade creations. The carefully-designed processes nurture psycho-motor skills, as well as build resilience as children learn to deal with initial failures. Their O.A.T.S framework delivers holistic benefits to inquisitive minds: OBSERVE to understand, ASK to clarify, TRY to experience, and SHARE to exchange knowledge.
  • SOLVE is the final piece of their 3-stage learning model, where children put their knowledge and skills to test in higher-order problem solving. Kids develop crucial soft skills such as critical analysis, group collaboration, and conflict resolution as they form teams to tackle issues that have no clear-cut or "correct" solutions. This helps them relate better to real world challenges, and builds upon their communication skills, which is critical for them to have in this day and age.

As MAKE themselves state:

“Knowledge is nothing without application.

Formal schools impart knowledge, but little more. We extend that into real-life expertise where kids apply what they learnt in class, and problem-solve for real.

Intellect is only part of the puzzle.

IQ alone is not enough. We deliberately design our classes to nurture lifelong competencies such as resilience, gratitude and curiosity. Some things should not be left to chance.

The time is now.

Kids of ages 7-12 start developing lifelong mindsets and attitudes. We will nurture empowering beliefs so they can go on to solve what our generation could not, and create what we did not even imagine.”

Discover how you can enrich your child’s education through a uniquely local hands-on approach – a combination of education with play – over at https://www.makelearning.co/ today!

Just for you readers, you can claim a free trial class with MAKE! Here’s how you go about it:

Send this code, KIDSWORLDMAKE to either their

  1. Whatsapp at 91124392 or
  2. Email contact@makelearning.co

And their friendly founders will get back to you with more details!


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