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Thursday, 21.09.2017

Don’t underestimate the benefits of exposing your child to musical education! Their growth academically and as a person will give them an edge in the future.


It doesn't matter if your child is going to be the next superstar or if they're going to be singing their songs out loud at home, or during karaoke in future - getting some music education will definitely benefit them throughout their lives! Research has shown that there's a strong link between learning how to play an instrument and studies

Learning music is a something that, if they stick with it, they'll carry throughout their lives. With the multitude of genres in it, there's nearly no limit to your child's growth. Classical, blues, rock, jazz, pop, and other genres all have differing characteristics that make them unique - jumping from one genre to another and expecting to be an old hand at them isn't possible.

Not only that, but learning music will also expand your children's worldview! Different cultures express themselves in a multitude of different ways through music, and it'll certainly be an interesting eye (and ear) opener for your kids. They'll be able to take a tour of the world through the songs that they play and listen to, and when they get good enough at it, they'll be able to show others the same as well! 

Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts
As mentioned before, one of the ways in which playing an instrument can help your child's growth is through the development of their language skills, as music education helps to enhance your child's natural ability to absorb and understand sounds and words.

Understanding how music flows together harmoniously also helps your child to visualise other elements that should go together, similar to how a math problem is solved. Their fine motor skills will also see improvement, due to the control required over playing an instrument.

That's why picking up an instrument and cultivating a love for music is a great idea for your kids - they'll come to appreciate the process of learning through listening, visualising, and organising the information into knowledge. They'll then experience the joy having their knowledge used in a practical way through their instruments, and grow their desire to discover more and get even better at music.

The skills that they gain from learning music (an analytical mind, improved concentration, abstract thinking, to list a few) can be applied to not only music, but to their studies in school and more importantly, to their lives after school. Build a strong foundation of being proactive, positivity, creativity, patience, understanding, and inquisitiveness for your children and they'll come out fom it all the better!

Consider Cristofori
With a history in Singapore of close to 40 years, Cristofori has a fine and long history here. Even since their humble first store at Joo Chiat opened in 1980, they've provided quality instruments and courses for students willing to learn music. 



Their method of teaching focuses on the Whole Person educational approach, which has three aspects – academic skills, learning skills, and awareness of the learning process. Students there are trained not to be spoon-fed knowledge, but to seek it out on their own. Their core element in their approach is humanity education, where they aim to cultivate gracious young adults through cultural and social events, and community involvement projects. Visit their website at to find out more!



Which Instrument Are You?

Trying to figure out which instrument your child should take? Try to match their personalities up to these four, and they might find themselves attracted to them!



The fun and adventurous one that brings a splash of colour to any social situation they’re in! They’re welcomed just about anywhere and come with an inner warmth as a bonus.






Hardworking, but a lot less rigid than they actually appear to be! Connecting and collaborating with others is something that comes easy to them.



Eloquence and class is what the violin exudes, and they have a hidden resilience inside of them that carries them through difficulties. They’ll carry on throughout any hardships to achieve their goals.







More fun loving than the guitar, they’re upbeat and their feel-good personality never fails to spread

to others! They’re solid people who will be there to support their loved ones.










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