5 Tips To Keep The Spark In Your Relationship

Tuesday, 13.02.2018


All you need is love? The Beatles got it partly right, but staying in love is a choice made by both parties, and it’s definitely not as easy as songs and movies make it out to be.

Do you remember when you first started out dating? The late nights spent talking over the phone, chilling at the riverside and listening to the music across the bridge, coming up with any kind of excuse just to meet up with them, and let’s not forget the physical intimacy (sex!) too!

Falling in love is easy, as countless numbers of people fall in love every single day, but staying in love is a lot more difficult – it takes conscious effort and time to keep the relationship going.

So here are 5 ways that can keep the spark in your relationship going:

1. Talk More

I don’t know if it’s a by-product of our society or if it’s just human nature, but the majority of the problems that come up in our relationships can be blamed on poor communication between partners.

Everyday conversation is important, and discussing your problems and issues with each other is equally important. Staying quiet about something that annoys you, no matter how small it is, will eventually build up into something a lot bigger, and it’ll eventually explode!

When talking about a sensitive topic, make sure to remain calm and not raise your voice, no matter how tempting it seems. Ask them to put themselves in your shoes and try to see things from your perspective.

What you’re trying to do is to reconnect with your partner, or to be able to see a different side to them.

2. Make Time For A Date Night


You may laugh at the idea of going for a date night, but it’s very important to keep the mojo flowing! It’s easy to slip into a routine where you’ll neglect the dating aspect of it, which results in less excitement for everyone involved.

Regardless of how long you’ve been together, make it a point to organise a date night at least once or twice a month. It doesn’t have to be anything super fancy (although fanciness once in a while definitely helps out) – it could be a simple dinner at somewhere you two used to go when you first started out dating.

You two can take turns in planning a date night, and the time spent on it will definitely be appreciated by your significant other!

3. Do Something Different

Break the routine! Do an activity together, just the two of you – go learn how to paint, how to cook, how to canoe, how to kickbox, etc! The time that you spend together doing or trying something new will be time well spent. You’ll be creating new bonds and memories with each other, while reinforcing the ones that you currently have.

Maybe even go on a short trip to somewhere nearby! Somewhere that you two have wanted to visit for the longest time. But remember to find someone who can help out with taking care of your kids.

4. Show Your Appreciation

We tend to take things and people for granted, and it happens unconsciously. The more comfortable that we get in a situation, the more we’ll take it for granted when we assume that it’ll always be there, regardless of what we do or don’t do.

So take some time to show that you still love and are in love with your partner. Remind them of why they fell for you in the first place, and why you fell for them too!

5. Disconnect

Not from each other! But doing something simple like turning off the TV or computer, and shutting off your phone when you’ve got some time free after your kids have fallen asleep. Those things are distractions from life, and shouldn’t be used to distract you from your loved one too.

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