Turning Snack Time into Learning Time with Bahlsen Zoo Biscuits

Wednesday, 17.10.2018


Turning Snack Time into Learning Time with Bahlsen Zoo Biscuits

All kids love snacking, but did you know it’s actually an important and essential part of their diet? Their small stomachs make it difficult to eat large quantities of food in one sitting, so snacking actually keeps hunger pangs at bay in between meals.

Since snacking is going to be a regular part of your kid’s diet, why not make learning a part of it too? Research has actually shown that kids learn the best through playing. So say hello to making snack time fun for your little ones with these tasty & adorable Bahlsen Zoo Biscuits.


Choose from 4 Delicious Flavours!

Kids will have tons of fun exploring an assortment of animals in 4 exciting flavours, as each pack contains different animal shapes per flavour.

  • Fragrant buttery taste
  • Features popular & iconic animals from Zoo garden


  • Contains more dietary fibre than the other flavours
  • features countryside farm animals


  • Delicious chocolate flavour with cocoa powder
  • No chocolate fingers, no chocolate melting
  • Features an assortment of jungle animals


  • Perfect pairing of sweet honey & creamy milk
  • Features delightful bears and bees



The resealable packs make this a great snack on the go! Each pack ensures hours of fun that will keep your kids entertained at home or even while traveling!


Activity #1: Noah’s Ark Memory Game (Difficulty level: Easy)

What you need:

1 x pack of Bahlsen Zoo Biscuits

1 x cookie tray

1 x stopwatch

How to play:

  1. Lay out a pack of Bahlsen zoo biscuits on the cookie tray & make sure there are 2 biscuits per animal
  2. Jumble up all the animals on the tray
  3. Your kid has 30 seconds to pair up all the animals (shape recognition)


     Activity #2: Animal Sound Games (Difficulty level: Medium)

What you need:

1 x pack of Bahlsen Zoo Biscuits

1 x stopwatch

How to play:

  1. Kid picks out an animal biscuit from the pack & mimic the animal sound
  2. Parent has 15 seconds to guess the animal!
    1. Get it right – kid eats the biscuit, well done!
    2. Guess it wrong – parent eats the biscuit


Activity #3: Who Am I? (Difficulty level: Hard)

What you need:

1 x pack of Bahlsen Zoo Biscuits

1 x stopwatch

How to play:

  1. Kid picks out a biscuit from the pack and places it on his/her forehead without looking at it
  2. Parents to describe the animal without saying its name e.g. ‘I have feathers’
  3. Kid has 30 seconds to guess the name of the animal

Tip: To make it more challenging, mix and match up to 4 packs of Bahlsen zoo biscuits in each game!


Where Did Animal Biscuits Originate From?

Did you know that these sweet biscuit-shaped animals originated from England in the mid 1800s? They became so popular that even America attempted their own ‘animal biscuit’ recipe. Today, there are over 40 million packages of animal biscuits sold worldwide, and it even has its own dedicated holiday on April 18 – National Animal Cracker Day.

With so many manufacturers of these animal cookies, Bahlsen Zoo Biscuits takes the cake as a fan favourite. This biscuit-producing family enterprise has been baking biscuits for over 125 years. In 1889, Herman Bahlsen first established his cakes & biscuit factory in Germany. Bahlsen even received the gold medal at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair for being able to capture ‘the fine taste of butter’. For generations, Bahlsen continues to deliver on this award-winning taste and high quality of cookies, making them Germany’s #1 biscuit manufacturer today.

Germany’s Most Popular Biscuits 125 Years Later

Bahlsen has been baking biscuits 365 days a year for the past 125 years, and have kept to their traditional recipe for consistent taste & quality. Each Bahlsen biscuit is baked to perfection using only the finest ingredients, and contains no artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives with zero use of hydrogenated fat.

These tasty biscuits have been associated with the Bahlsen name for its unmistakeable buttery fragrance and consistently high quality over generations. Bahlsen continues with this brand promise even today, with every pack of biscuit that is freshly baked & shipped in from Germany.



Studies have shown that the most popular way of eating an animal biscuit is to bite its head off first. 



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