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Thursday, 17.11.2016

Specialising in early childhood education that’s individualised, innovative and uniquely different, Odyssey The Global Preschool is where learning comes alive for every child—read on to find out how!

Preschool matters! Yet, is preschool… premature? And isn’t preschool just daycare with an incorporated curriculum? While the idea of sending your little one to preschool at such a tender age may seem as though you’re throwing him into the deep end of the pool, your decision could make all the difference between sinking and swimming once the wave of formal education arrives.

Since time and tide wait for no man—or child, in this instance—it’s really best to be prepared when it comes to school readiness. More than ever before in this knowledge-based economy, preschool increasingly serves as an essential early learning platform. What’s more, a quality preschool education doesn’t just serve that purpose, it achieves its core aims: to positively shape your child’s mindset towards school; boost learning and literacy during his formative years; foster independence and resilience; and cultivate the soft skills necessary for his emotional and social development.

Not all preschools are one and the same, and a preschool with a quality early childhood programme will have more significant benefits compared to a centre that offers child care services, albeit with a barebones curriculum that seems almost obligatory. Research has proved that while preschool is beneficial, the programme offered must be of high quality.

"Early education, especially one that is of high quality, pays off. It has enduring benefits for children and societies that invest in it,” says Oxford University professor and development psychologist Edward Melhuish.

Odyssey has been called “The Global Preschool”—and with every good reason!
Headquartered in the UK, Busy Bees is a leading early childhood education provider with a global footprint. Its reach now extends to South East Asia, where Busy Bees Singapore has continued to establish itself particularly in the preschool and enrichment sector, with a family of education companies dedicated to quality learning.

Led by a team of early childhood education experts, Odyssey The Global Preschool was founded in 2008 and is a part of the Busy Bees Singapore education consortium. Besides its Reggio Emilia approach that has roots in Northern Italy, Odyssey’s curriculum design also includes some of the world’s most innovative and internationally-acclaimed teaching pedagogies from the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

Reinforcing its global DNA, Odyssey is also a learning facilitator in Singapore for our multinational family of students who hail from more than 20 countries across the world cultivating creative constructors and constructive creators.

Beyond being a quality prep school for formal schooling, Odyssey is uniquely positioned as an educational hub with a global vision where learning transcends the confines of a classroom - and is instead self-directed by the children. The Reggio Emilia approach encourages them to embark on an exploratory and multi-sensorial journey of creative learning and expression. Through interactions with peers, educators, parents and the environment, every child grows into an independent and imaginative doer, thinker and learner.

Odyssey’s immersive curriculum, which is built on international early childhood education’s best practices, facilitates and fuels this rewarding process. Its four Reggio Emilia-inspired campuses serve as the launch pad for our young charges to relish the experience of curiosity-driven, hands-on learning geared towards problem-solving and creative, critical thinking. Each eco-friendly campus is set within a lush, scenic landscape that offers diverse opportunities for every child to think critically, problem-solve, create, interact with others and be confident.

Within the sprawling premises of every Odyssey campus are purpose-built environments that feature progressive and sustainable design catered to optimum stimulation and learning. These include learning labs such as the outdoor music garden, herb gardens, atelier, little chef lab, music room, water play areas, and outdoor playgrounds which have been thoughtfully designed with a focus on tactile activity.

In addition, their Reggio educators are always supporting, never instructing. They observe and follow the cues of the inquisitive children, helping to shape their everyday encounters on-campus into multi-sensorial lessons that come to life with diversity and depth of experience. There’s always something new to look forward to at Odyssey!

Calling Future Global Citizens!
The ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”, while Loris Malaguzzi, founder of the Reggio Emilia educational approach, wrote, “The child has a hundred languages.”

Odyssey The Global Preschool walks the talk and turns these sayings into reality. This 2017, Odyssey welcomes every child to put his best foot forward with them and benefit from inspired learning practices to grow into a global citizen of tomorrow!

Enrolment for 2017 is happening now at Odyssey’s campuses, for children aged between 9 months and 6 years old. Psst: be quick though. We heard that there is already a waitlist across some of their centres!

Fourth Avenue: 20 Fourth Avenue 
Wilkinson (only IB-accredited campus): 101 Wilkinson Road 
De Loyang: 191 Jalan Loyang Besar 
Still Road: 25, Still Road South

Register early as class intake is limited. For more information, call 6781 8800, email or visit

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