A Structured, Systematic Reading Programme That Goes Beyond Phonics

Thursday, 11.05.2017

Increasingly, phonics classes and English reading programmes have become a dime a dozen in Singapore. On the one hand, it’s great to have more options. On the other hand, the glut of such enrichment lessons gives well-meaning parents a headache.

Imagine spending hours sifting through a massive list of learning centres to choose the perfect course for our kids, only to end up with a selection that’s less than impressive. That’s the last thing we mummies and daddies want.

Actually, it’s not difficult to identify the right English reading programme for your child. For starters, always keep in mind that reading is more than just about phonics. It is unwise to pick an enrichment programme that emphasises solely phonics and nothing else. Phonics is only one of the key pillars of a systematic reading programme; being able to read accurately does not mean that a child understands what he or she is reading.

Here are five criteria for choosing a good reading programme for your child:

1. Phonemic Awareness
The reading programme should impart skills of hearing and identifying sounds, allowing your young child to play with the sounds of words by assembling and disassembling them.

2. Phonics
The reading programme should teach your child to understand the relationship between the letters of the written language and the sounds of the spoken language, i.e. how to convert letters into sounds and how to combine sounds to form recognisable words.

3. Fluency
A good reading programme will strive to get your children to achieve fluency by encouraging them to read aloud, while paying close attention to the rate, accuracy, phrasing and expression of their reading. Daily practice helps your child to automatically recognise common words, also known as “sight words”.

4. Vocabulary
The reading programme should help your child expand his or her vocabulary either through direct learning, e.g. by using a dictionary or thesaurus to pinpoint word meanings, or through indirect learning, e.g., by introducing new words via daily experiences.

A strong vocabulary is needed for compre­hension. Good reading programmes employ a variety of strategies, from graphic and semantic organisers to guiding questions. All these strategies help your child make connections between the main ideas of the text.

My English School, which aims to lay strong foundations in English literacy in young children, contains all of the aforementioned measurables. If you’re looking for a place to hone your child’s reading skills, it is a definite standout from the pack.

Through its comprehensive Reading Programme, My English School addresses the need for a systematic and structured reading programme.

The school’s classes, available for learners from ages 2.5 and up , are taught in small groups and conducted in a fun, interactive style, so as to nurture curious, creative learners and critical thinkers.

Based on your child’s age, level and ability, there are five excellent classes to choose from; My First English Class, My English Foundation Class, My Reading Readiness Class, My Reading Class and My Primary Preparation Class.

My English School’s reading programme is unique as it is geared towards the unique Singaporean context. The school’s learning materials, while broadening a child’s world view, are integrated seamlessly with the local education system, whose requirements and learning outcomes are set out by the Ministry of Education.

Teaching materials are developed by My English School’s capable and experienced in-house curriculum team and are for the exclusive use of My English School students.

The school’s dedicated teaching team is a multinational mix of personalities who are able to conduct lessons in a creative and engaging manner. All teachers are carefully selected based on their qualifications and experience.

My English School has eight branches conveniently located islandwide, in Jurong East, Jurong West, Novena, Tiong Bahru, Tampines, Marine Parade, Choa Chua Kang and Woodlands.

Parents interested in enrolling their children in My English School’s reading programme, please call 6567 2374, email or visit and

Do act fast and register today!


Research has proven that more than 90% of a child’s brain development occurs between the ages of 0 and 5. In fact, from age 0 to 3, children grow and learn at the most rapid rate and create an amazing number of connections, also known as synapses, among their brain neurons. Studies have shown that children who have attended two years of primary school and cannot read may never be able to read.

There is also a strong correlation between the ability to read at a young age and one’s socioeconomic status in adulthood. Hence, early literacy experiences are immensely critical to a child’s mental and psychological development. It is highly important to choose an effective early reading programme for our kids.

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