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Thursday, 30.11.2017


Gear up, parents, it’s that time of the year again – the year end school holidays. It’ll be hectic, as the days will be both long and passing by in a flash. 

Our kids will probably have their own plans during the holidays, but here are some interesting ideas to spice up their holidays, and who knows, maybe they’ll find a new hobby with them!

Bouldering and Rock Climbing

Something that we all already know is that kids love to climb things – it keeps them active and healthy! So why not drag them away from their PC/tablet/mobile/TV screens for a few hours and give them a fun time climbing in a safe environment?

As an added bonus, we can join our kids in climbing as well! I’ve seen kids do much better than adults when it comes to climbing too, due to their lighter weight and increased flexibility.

Climbing is safe, and it gives us a full body workout as we’ll make use of our arms and legs, as well as our core; it builds a healthy and strong body that allows us to participate in other sports!

When our kids learn to climb, they’ll also learn to face and overcome challenges – the placement of holds requires them to think out their next moves carefully in order to reach the top. They’ll push themselves further, physically and mentally, and they’ll be able to overcome their fear of failure. 

We can let our kids experience indoor climbing with Exponent Asia, at the Climbers Laboratory. They provide Sport Climbing and Abseiling certification courses as well, and have Singapore Mountaineering Federation certified instructors present.

Their newly built climbing gym has sections for Wall Climbing, Bouldering, and they even have an Augmented Climbing Wall with images projected onto the wall for a different kind of challenge!

Activity Locations:
The Arena at 48 Woodleigh Park, S357844. 

Football Fun with F-17

As a nation, I’m sure we can say that our national sport is Football – we’re football fanatics through and through!

So why not give our kids a first-hand taste of football during their holidays? Not only does it build their bodies, it builds their minds and social/team skills as well! 

Through football, our kids will learn how to communicate with their team, make split second decisions in unpredictable situations, improve their multitasking and coordination skills, boosts their confidence, and well, it’s just plain fun as well to kick a football with your friends too!

And where better to give our kids some football training than at the locally established F-17 Football Academy? They’ve got training programmes for ages 3 to 17, and have more than 30 certified coaches.

F-17 also offers free trial classes for our kids and all you have to do is to head down to any of their 3 locations during one of their sessions and speak to an instructor there.

Activity Location:
Singapore University of Technology & Design or
SAFRA Tampines or 
Westwood Primary School

Contact No:
6635 5517

Ready Steady Go Kids

An internationally recognised programme that focuses on sports and physical activities for kids aged 1.5 to 6 years old, they aim to introduce pre-schoolers to a variety of sports in structured, safe, inclusive, and non-competitive environments. 

Their classes are divided for different age groups: 

  • Get Ready (1.5 to 2.5 years),
  • Steady (3 to 4 years)
  • Go (4 to 6 years) 

Their activities look to develop kids’ spatial and body awareness, motor skills, balance, knowledge of sports, and social interaction skills. They’ll also raise their self-confidence and self-esteem! Their ultimate goal is to keep our kids fit and healthy, and to prepare them for the physical and emotional aspects of primary school.

Activity Locations:
The Cage Sports Park at Bukit Timah, 220 Turf Club Road, S288001 or

Kovan Sports Centre at 60 Hougang Street 21, S 538738

Contact Number:
9855 8221 

KidZania Singapore

Ever wanted your kids to experience various careers, discover how a city lives and breathes, and how to manage money in a fun-filled way?

Take them down to KidZania, and give them a taste of adulthood! With more than 30 jobs and activities for your kids to do, they’ll be spending hours there trying out all of them, and exploring an 81,000 square feet sized city made just for kids.

KidZania wishes to educate our kids through hands-on experience, and foster their development of life skills, and by doing so, they’ll gain self-confidence and knowledge for the working world.

As big people (aka parents/adults) there, we have a place too! We’ll get to participate in selected activities like playing an airline passenger, or a tourist, or the audience in a play – nothing that’ll interfere (much) with their jobs!


KidZania can be found in Sentosa, just a 5 minute walk away from the Beach station.

Contact No:
1800 653 6888 or +65 6653 6888. 

Dancepointe Academy

If you’re looking for an alternative way for your kids to channel their boundless energy, why not consider dance?

Dance is a surprisingly physical activity that can improve the overall physical health of participants – their stamina, posture, strength, flexibility, and balance will all get better through constant dance practice. 

Dance also promotes social interaction! Through dance, their social and communication skills will improve, and if they’re doing a coordinated dance as a group, they’ll learn spatial awareness, trust, and cooperation. 

A shy child in a dance course could be encouraged to reach out and connect to other children their age, and lighten their stage fright. 

Dancepointe Academy Singapore has a whole range of classes for your kids, such as ballet, contemporary dance, hip-hop, K-Pop, tap dancing, and many more!

If you’re looking into having your kids participate in dance competitions as well, they’ll be able to provide training for them. 

Find out more about their classes & locations here!

Ceramics For Children


Bring a bit of arts into your children’s life and let their creativity and self-expression bloom. It’s more than a cute turtle or hedgehog that they made – it’s the sum of their journey to create something unique. And throughout that journey, they’ll learn many things that’ll benefit them!

A simple lump of clay can fascinate and captivate a kid for hours, and it teaches them to focus and be patient. The creative applications for clay are amazing as well, as it’s easy to handle and craft from and mistakes are easily forgiven.

Have you ever seen a green or blue hedgehog (Sonic doesn’t count)? Or maybe a pink or yellow elephant? The colours that they choose to paint their ceramic animals exercise their imagination and power to think beyond the norm. 

Improving their motor skills is an obvious benefit as they’ll be using their hands to make fine changes to the clay, which requires a hefty amount of hand-eye coordination. 

For kids pottery classes in Singapore, we parents can look at the Goodman Ceramic Studio’s weekly classes. 

Activity Location:
90 Goodman Road, #10-37 Blk G, Goodman Arts Centre, S439053
Closed on Mondays and Sundays

Contact details:
+65 9726 5210 

So what are we waiting for? Our children will always be our little ones in our eyes, but they don’t stay young forever!

Give them experiences that’ll remain with them, expose them to activities, and encourage their desire to keep on growing for the better, as best as we can.

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