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Tuesday, 19.12.2017

Whole Brain Training departs from traditional learning methods that no longer work. Instead, it applies what neuroscience tells us of a child’s brain, and in the process, it empowers children by allowing them to put into action what they have learned in (and out of) classrooms.   

Whole Brain Training with an emphasis on English or Mathematics helps children achieve amazing learning outcomes that Brain Training or English and Math enrichment alone cannot produce. With Whole Brain Training incorporated into the teaching of English or Math, the idea is to flick the switch then light the room.  

Parents have long been on a quest to discover the best methods available to maximise our children’s learning ability. There’s good reason for this, as scientists have determined the “Golden Age” period for learning to be between 18 months to 6 years. Those years are especially optimal for not just social, intellectual, emotional and physical development, but also cognitive growth, In fact, brain activity in this age group is thought to be more than twice that of adults! 

Maximum Mileage
Being a “right-brainer” or “let-brainer” are labels that have been used widely to help students discover their strengths and weaknesses. However, while it may shed some light on what a child may or may not enjoy, such classifications end up being limiting. 

What do we mean? To help enhance a child’s growth, many parents send children for right and/or left brain training. Yet, our brain’s anatomy is incredibly complex—not just limited to the left or right hemisphere. Each part of the brain can and should be trained for one’s cognitive potential to be maximised. Going for left and right brain training can be likened to receiving a hand and foot massage, whereas Whole Brain Training would be the equivalent to that of having a full body spa experience!

It therefore makes sense that we will benefit most from a teaching or training method that allows us to engage our entire brain. Research has increasingly shown that people have enormous difficulty learning when either parts of the whole—that is, the left and right brain and emotions—are neglected. 

This is where the concept of Whole Brain Training comes in. It seeks to not merely transfer knowledge, but equips children with skills that they will need for life. With various brain training activities, children’s brains are engaged and their interest for learning are first sparked—the flicking on of the switch. After the switch has been flicked, instead of stopping where most schools do, we introduce literacy and numeracy skills and pave the way for greater or complete understanding. 

Learning conditions are well taken care of too. Instead of traditionally grouping students by age, other factors such as their learning proficiency are taken into consideration. 

The reason why Whole Brain Training can achieve such amazing learning outcomes in students is because it does not stop solely at Brain Training or the mere delivery of contents or skills. It takes a combination of both to engage the students effectively. Furthermore, its principles are based in science and its training concepts are flexible, which allows classroom methods to be tweaked in ways that are dynamic, fun, but always all-inclusive for every student to learn optimally.

So far, results have been exciting and very encouraging. Studies have shown that with Whole Brain Training, children learn faster, retain more information and overall brain health improves. In Singapore, it also means children can learn so effectively that they do not need homework, parent-supervised revision or even face stress in the process!

Here in Singapore, Stamford Education is to date, the only and also the largest school in the country that offers Whole Brain Training.

Wow... but how do I know they definitely achieve results?
A distinctive mark of Whole Brain Training is the remarkable success of the learning outcomes in children, which is achieved even without the stress of homework or micromanagement of their progress by parents or teachers. Stamford Education has consistently achieved thousands of results which are concise. 

Optimal conditioning of the brain—or cognitive functioning—of every child takes precedence at Stamford Education. Their working memory, focus and concentration must first be in tip-top shape in order to convert information into permanent, understood knowledge. This successful storage is via a process called “encoding”, and young learners at Stamford are constantly engaged and challenged with numerous activities and exercises that hone their cognitive skills.

Learning journeys at Stamford Education always hark back to Whole Brain Training, for a wholly-engaged brain is a truly content one! Indeed, studies have shown that humans will prefer any degree of mental stimulation rather than none at all. Research has also shown that kids retain more information when they have an opportunity to demonstrate what they have been taught by using their own words and gestures—not to mention that  it’s fun for them too! 

It’s all part of Stamford’s belief to combine Smarts, Character and Happiness (SCH), instilling confidence and joy in every child’s learning process. 

Instead of the traditional package of homework, endless revision and stress, students at Stamford are encouraged to stay focused during lessons and complete the learning in school. 

Remember those five rules related to how the brain learns? That’s right: through seeing, saying, hearing, doing, and feeling! However, most of those senses-based learning can be made more effective with Whole Brain Training. Whole Brain Training ensures that various parts of the brain are triggered first before children learn valuable skills involving Language, Numeracy, General Knowledge, Motor Skills and Character Development. The end result? All-rounded thinkers and achievers. Stamford Education strives to develop more than just academic skills, but also Life-Defining Abilities for a child to holistically thrive and excel.

Drawing back the brain's curtain
Lights, camera, action! Once the curtains are drawn back and the learning potential of the brain takes centrestage within the classroom, does it become clear that Whole Brain Training makes complete sense—and appeals to all the senses! Here’s a recap!

Activates the brain: Increases students’ abilities to learn through the interlinking of the brain with information and action, which goes beyond engaging just the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Promotes active learning: Encourages all students to interact in class, and at Stamford, at their own comfortable pace for progress. Hence, since there is no stress or penalty involved, it fosters an environment conducive to in-class participation.

Gets ’em moving: Learning that harness the whole brain can include gestures, tools/aids/props, song, dance and other movements. This paves the way for truly operational minds, and even “time-outs” for exercise or play-gym activities are beneficial too, as research shows that movement of the body enables information to flow from the left brain to the right, and back again, at even greater speeds for better retention!

Stamford Education adopts research-driven teaching practices to groom its students into critical, creative and constructive thinkers. The difference is astounding, but with no exceptions, as Stamford Education prides every child for being individual student ambassadors of their Read-Solve-Think advocacy. They will be effectively articulate, able to do mental calculations and apply heuristic methods in math, and be keenly aware and inquisitive of the world around them, whether in a geographical or historical context. 

If all that appeals to your parenting sensibilities, then do the next sensible thing! You too, can bring  out the “Brainiac” that’s inherent in every child by enrolling him or her into Stamford Education. From Orchard, Bugis, Marine Parade to Punggol SAFRA, there is a convenient location island-wide that offers a variety of enrichment learning programmes customised for preschool to primary level. Stamford Education specialises in Whole Brain childcare and classes that include modules covering Whole Brain English, Math, Mandarin, Global Citizenship. “By the time your little learner is ready to enter primary school, you will be truly amazed by what he can achieve!”

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