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Wednesday, 15.11.2017

Terra Minds, which means ‘earth minded’, helps your child to develop a love for learning, and the natural environment that they live in. Kids are naturally curious – their desire to explore and discover more about the world around them pushes them to theories, experiments, and conclusions that’ll surprise even us.

However, if they’re left to their own devices, they’ll probably come up with some amazing but potentially dangerous ideas! Trust me, I’ve been there before – both doing the experiments and experiencing the aftereffects of them. What kids need is a bit of guidance and structure to turn their natural curiosity into a scientific learning experience.

That’s why Mrs Lim Yoke Tong founded Terra Minds, a pioneering school that focuses on science and nature-based learning. She honed her skills as the former Head of Research Education at Raffles Institution for more than eight years, and uses that experience to help children acquire a strong and early foundation in science and technology.

Their team of Early Childhood and Science trained teachers excel in helping children aged 3-12 learn through their curriculum, harnessing and sustaining their natural curiosity. They make use of a hands-on approach to bring out the joy and understanding of the how’s and why’s things work.

Here are four programmes that strive to unleash the inner creativity of your kids:

Science Programme
Interactive activities are here to spark imaginative learning while enriching the existing Science curriculum – with a focus on how their everyday lives have science involved in them! Their curriculum covers topics such as the Human Body, Weather, Physics, Chemistry, Food Science, and more.

Your kids will be performing experiments such as:
• Extracting pigments from natural materials
• Setting up chemical reactions to create explosions (in a safe and controlled environment!)
• Bending light to see the colours of the rainbow
• Testing and making bridge models

Your kids will be able to bring home both their knowledge AND science experiments to share with you and their friends. What’s cool about this Science programme is how the kids get to go outdoors to explore natural places once every 10 weeks. And the kids even get to learn from nature guides! As Science is all around us, learning about it has to be done indoors and outdoors!

Kids Discovery Programmes have been providing children with a head-start to learning Science in a fun and hands-on way. Parents find this programme helpful in giving their children prior knowledge and readiness to taking on Primary 3 Science in school. The “Best Prep Science Award” is indeed a recognition of the effectiveness of this programme.

Robotics Programme
Knowledge of coding prepares our kids for an increasingly digital future, empowers creative problem solving skills, and it’s just plain fun – who doesn’t like robots?! Their proprietary Robot called Dash and Lego WeDo robotics curriculum allow children time to learn while having fun, and are structured to allow advancement into more challenging levels.

Terra Minds’ robotics students are also participating in the International 2017/18 Wonder League Robotics Competition within the 6 to 8 year old group. Their students will be programming Dash to adventure through a series of story-based missions, solving problems and improving their creativity as they learn to code. More details on the competition can be found here –

The Benefits of Learning Robotics:
• Builds confidence in programming
• Enhances problem solving ability
• Improves teamwork and social skills to accomplish a task together
• Learning to apply scientific concepts like forces and energy
• Expressing their creativity through building robots

ArtScience Programme
Using an art and science-based curriculum to tap into your kids’ innate curiosity, Terra Minds builds a more unique experience for them. Your kids will learn about various art and craft techniques in transforming materials such as paints, wires, clay, and cardboard into crafts, which enhances hand-eye coordination and out of the box thinking.

They will see how art and science are interconnected when they create paintings with dilution techniques, make abstract art through apply the concept of how oil and water don’t mix, make manta ray models and learn about ocean life, and much more!

Holiday Programmes
Apart from their regular weekly programmes, their Holiday Programmes provide enriching experiences for children to explore and investigate a wide range of Science topics. They organise holiday camps, workshops, and incursion programmes for local and international preschools and organisations. These holiday programmes are perfect for giving your kids an opportunity to experience science, robotics and nature in real world applications!

Here’s a small sample of the activities that they provide for your kids:
• Food science camp and a visit to a biscuit factory
• Explore nature parks around Singapore
• Stargazing camps
• Junior Scientists workshops
• Robotics workshops

Terra Minds Contact
For more information on Terra Minds’ programmes head down to, they can be contacted at either +65 6781 3688 or 9238 3533, or via email at

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