Engaging a Maid Agency: A 6-Step Guide

Wednesday, 07.12.2016

Thinking of hiring a foreign domestic worker (FDW) but don’t know where to start? To facilitate the smooth running of the entire process, you will first need to engage an established employment agency with the necessary experience. Here’s how to get started in 6 steps!

Parents in Singapore are busier than ever before. Maintaining a career, taking care of children as young as newborns, cooking, cleaning and other household chores… it’s a tough juggling act and none of us would like to leave any of these important considerations neglected. It’s no surprise that more families are increasingly turning to live-in FDWs to help them out on the home front. For that to happen, the search for a reliable and credible employment agency (EA) is usually the first step for most future employers of FDWs.

Taking the Lead
The top priority of families is to "Treasure Quality Time with Your Loved Ones". Every family naturally seeks more fulfilling hours together, and although there are no exceptions, there are no exceptions, there are certainly exceptional couples and their children! This certainly describes Baihakki Khaizan and his wife, Norfasarie Yahya, who are blessed with three lovely children. Baihakki is a veteran footballer with experience in both the LionsXII national squad and Malaysian Premier League, while former actress-singer Norfasarie is director of her own premier spa company.

As busy individuals who are regularly in the media spotlight, the Baihakkis cherish their privacy and appreciate every available opportunity that brings them closer as a family. Given their high-profile status, the family required an exceptional employment agency to meet their stringent requirements for screening and selection. Imtidad Employment Solutions (13C6386) proved a natural choice, especially as both parties share the belief that a reliable FDW is essential in helping families enjoy more quality time with loved ones.

This harmonious working relationship has blossomed into a mutually fulfilling experience. Today, the Baihakkis have happily welcomed Yati into their home after a smooth process while Imtidad is proud to have their endorsement as its official celebrity ambassador family!

“We strongly recommend Imtidad to families who are looking for a reliable and honest maid agency—especially for families with growing kids and a newborn, like ours!” say the couple. “Imtidad is sincere in delivering quality service to their clients, and it is this service quality that differentiates them from the rest.”

As parting advice, Baihakki and Norfasarie offer these words: “Not everyone is fortunate to get a good maid all the time. Do your background research and choose wisely!”

Meanwhile, here are other equally useful pointers for families planning to hire a domestic FDW:

Step #1: Source for an employment agency
Selecting an EA is just as important as hiring the right helper in the entire process. How so? An EA with a wealth of experience and know-how has the following benefits:

  • Has its own acquired portfolio of placement candidates for customers’ consideration;
  • Has connections to source for qualified individuals to meet specific requirements on a case-by-case basis;
  • Serves as a vital intermediary for negotiations to take place between employer and worker;
  • Provides necessary step-by-step consultation from appointment through to delivery;
  • Facilitates the “settling-in” period with prompt after-sales service and intervention

Step #2: Do your homework
Many families keen in hiring a domestic helper already have busy schedules to begin with. In fact, the search for a suitable EA can sometimes end up being more time-consuming and stressful than the real crunch for hiring help! Here’s what you need to know: By the second half of 2017, all employment agencies (EAs) must be certified under Trustmark, a scheme co-graded by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE).

In the meantime, customers can conduct an agency search here, where all listed EAs have an Employment Agency Customer Rating as a quality reference before Trustmark is launched. The maximum score for customer service standard is a 5-star rating.

Step #3: Decide on your EA partner
Congratulations if you’ve decided on the EA which will be responsible in guiding you through the process of recruiting an FDW. An EA that will go the extra mile is something most working parents appreciate—such as Imtidad, a widely accredited* and trusted consultancy in the industry. In the MOM search directory, Imtidad has a customer-endorsed rating of 4/5 stars. Across all three performance categories, Imtidad scored better than the industry average too! < Log on for yourself to see!

Step #4: Identify the agency’s core strengths
When it comes to care of our young ones especially, parents would rather leave nothing to chance. In the parenting community especially, Imtidad has received strong endorsements** from leading online parenting portals and associated platforms. “It is really important for me to find someone who I trust to take care of my kids and to stay at my home, and through Imtidad I found a nanny and my housekeeper,” shares Ms Suzanna, whose account also echoes that of many other parents who have approached Imtidad for their FDW recruitment needs. “Imtidad made the process so easy and smooth every step of the way. Now I get to spend more time with my baby girl!”

“[Imtidad] was very helpful and very accommodating… Imtidad is very honest in providing their services and very understanding to our needs,” says Mr. Firdaus, another satisfied customer who needed help sourcing for an FDW to care for the family’s infant daughter and two other children.

Besides peace of mind, many parents of young children attest to Imtidad’s efficient service in pairing them with a satisfactory FDW. Take lecturer Mr. Emile for example, who was successfully matched with a helper within two short months following the birth of his child. “I am very thankful that Imtidad was able to provide me with a helper at such short notice,” says Mr. Emile. “She [is] very helpful and capable, which frees up my time considerably to spend with my child.”

The many testimonials from numerous young families attest to Imtidad’s belief that “Time with family is time well spent. Your loved ones deserve it.” Living up to that claim, Imtidad continues to extend a much-needed helping hand to many families, which remain a key customer segment. Meeting and exceeding expectations with successful placements has become one of Imtidad’s strengths, with dedicated staff who strive to provide customised service in all working relationships.

Step #5: Work closely with your preferred agency
From dual income young families across all races to expatriate professionals, Imtidad’s diverse customer base reflects the agency’s strong ties within the community it serves. If you are one of the many families or working professionals that have approached Imtidad for assistance, here’s what you can expect.

For starters, Imtidad offers a free, no-obligation consultation at either your office or residence. Subsequent meetings are arranged at your convenience and dedicated staff will guide you throught the entire maid selection process, from making recommendationns and conducting 'live' Skype interiews at zero-cost for shortlisted profiles, to the signing of contracts and submission of essential documentation upon confirmation of your selected FDW. Imtidad will also oversee all air travel arrangements and at the customer's appointed time and date, ensure the smooth handover of the new helper at the applied residence.  

“We took up Imtidad’s free visit at our Raffles Place office during lunchtime,” reveals expat working couple Mr. Alex and Ms. Anifa, who urgently needed a helper to attend to their daily chores at home. “[This consultation] was not only convenient for both of us, it was how we found Yanti, our helper. She has been reliable and does her work well. Although it’s been more than six months, Imtidad has followed up with us consistently to check on Yanti’s performance and ensure that our household is well taken care of,” says Mr. Alex in commendation of Imtidad’s dedicated after-sales service that offers round-the-clock counselling and consultation throughout the employment contract.

The Imtidad pledge to quality and service includes a guaranteed free replacement within the trial period, based on the agreed terms and conditions.

Step #6: Cover all bases
Once you’re in the good hands of an experienced agency, you are well on your way to being matchmade with your future hired help. The welfare of every FDW seeking successful employment is also important and should not be overlooked when considering the services of an EA.  

After all, happy and well-adjusted foreign helpers are essential to facilitate the smooth transition from the agency’s premises to the employer’s residence. Imtidad strives to take the best care of all its candidates to ensure mutual satisfaction in every successful placement. “Imtidad ensured my proper upkeep and the friendly staff took care of my needs with comfortable lodging and enough food and drink,” says 34-year-old Indonesian FDW Siti. “Imtidad matched me with a good employer and I am very happy; I hope to finish my contract with them and even extend it if possible.” Siti’s current role extends to taking care of her employer’s two children, cooking, cleaning and other domestic duties.

These days, recruiting an FDW is more cost-effective than ever. Amongst the government's slew of pro-faily measures, the enhanced FDW concessionary levy rate, which has been in effect since May 2015, is now just SGD60 for employers who meet conditions set out by the MOM. Most families will qualify for the concession under the Young Child/Grandchild Scheme, in which the employer or spouse has a child or grandchild who is a Singapore Citizen aged below 16 years old living with him/her. Families who engage Imtidad for their FDW staffing needs will also enjoy an affordable and competitively-priced package and the SGD350 booking fee is also the lowest in the market.

*Awarded 2016/2017 Singapore Consumers’ Choice • 2015 Singapore Trusted Quality Brand • Singapore Prestige Class Award 2015 • Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award 2014
**Awarded 2016 Best Domestic Helper Recruitment Agency by Parents World Singapore •  Accredited and recognised by top parenting brands such as Mummys Market Singapore, Young Parents Singapore, Sassy Mamma Singapore, SuperMom Singapore, Singapore Motherhood, New Age Parents, Kiasu Parents, CareerMums, Parents World Singapore, Kids World Singapore and NTUC Income

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