Fun and Not-So-Common Family Travel Destinations!

Monday, 07.03.2016

Okay you’ve just decided to go on a last minute holiday, or better still, you have not even decided whether to go. For the last minute planner, we’ve put together some less common travel destinations around the world that might just spark off that wanderlust in you to get that family trip going!

Fairy Tales in DENMARK

You might think it’s going to be an expensive trip. But there are actually affordable flights via Qatar Airways that would get you and your family to Copenhagen for about a thousand per pax. Once you’re in Copenhagen, your kids would not want to miss Tivoli, a fairy tale-like central amusement park that was founded as far back as 1843! 

So why Denmark? Lonely Planet voted Denmark as one of its Top 10 Family Travel Destinations for 2014 and we’re quite sure why. It’s a city built for kids. Cited as a family holiday haven, it’s safe and relaxed, with a variety of family-friendly accommodation, restaurants and efficient services.

There’s also Legoland, with a 20-million-piece Miniland of world icons (Statue of Liberty, Star Wars, etc) that you absolutely can’t miss. In addition, bring your kids out for ghostly tours of castle dungeons or a week in a prairie wagon – something you’ll never experience while just staying at home.

Wintry Christmas in Lapland

What better place and time than Lapland to experience a true White Winterland! And everyone knows the one and only Santa Claus is Finnish and lives in Lapland. So visiting Santa Claus at his homeplace could just be the perfect holiday for your kids. As the exact location of his hideaway is not known, it is best to head to his Rovaniemi office where he greets visitors all year round. 

Aside from a magical Santa Claus visit, you can also ride on sleighs pulled by dogs, cheer at reindeer races on frozen lakes, or go ice-fishing or snowmobile through forests. Lapland’s versatile ski resorts also offer downhill enthusiasts everything from kids’ runs to black slopes, and snow parks to backcountry exploring. 

The winter season starts in late October, and high season spans from February until the snow melts in early May. Last but not least, don’t forget to catch the stunning aurora borealis (northern lights).

Sun, Sand and Sea at FIJI

Mums and Dads looking for a hot and sunny beach holiday can visit FIJI if you’ve already conquered Southeast Asia, Maldives, or simply looking for something different and more exotic. 

Fijians love family life and it's the perfect place to visit with your children. And if you’re a beach lover, a weekend at Fiji will prove to be the trip of the year for you. Enjoy the white silky beaches, crystal clear waters, and go snorkelling at Fiji's many islands. 

And did you know that children are something special in Fiji? There is an abundant availability of nanny services that take care of your kids of all ages, from baby-sitting, to awesome surf lessons for older kids. 

There's also tonnes of activities for parents to enjoy, from kite-boarding, off-road cave safaris, flyboarding, parasailing, eco tours, and shark encounters to look forward to.

Explore island paradise, go slow, and unwind.

Mountains, Trains and Tea in Sri Lanka

If you're looking for a one-stop location for your family, why not visit Sri Lanka for experiences you never knew existed.

Not only are the beaches clean and crystal clear, you could also enjoy one of the most scenic rail routes in Sri Lanka between the two hillside towns of Nuwara Eliya and Ella, taking in sights of rolling emerald hills and tea plantations. If your children love Thomas the Train, they're bound to love a great train adventure - this train snakes its way slowly through the countryside and inside no less than 21 narrow tunnels.

Sri Lanka is also small enough to travel around without spending endless hours in the car. You could also visit wild safaris, elephant orphanages, and be sure to plan in a visit to Little Adam’s Peak (as opposed to the “Big” Adam’s Peak), for a kid-friendly trek which is about four kilometres and which journeys through the tea plantations around the area. Watch tea being picked and enjoy a 360-degree view at the top including the lovely Ruwana Falls.

Happy Valley in Shenzhen

One of the many “Happy Valleys” in China (more in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Chengdu), the Shenzhen Happy Valley is probably the nearest from Singapore. You could spend an entire weekend there or proceed on to Macau and Hong Kong thereafter.

Shenzhen's Happy Valley covers a total area of 350,000 square kilometers and was constructed after the successes of Shenzhen's other theme parks Splendid China, Chinese Folk Culture Villages and Windows of the World.

Your kids will love the activities in this Happy Valley, which are different in the day and at night, blending modern high technology and leisure. Explore Nine themed sections from Spanish Plaza, Cartoon City, Adventure Mountain, Happy Time, Gold Mine Town, Shangri-la Forest, Hurricane Bay, Sunshine Coast, Maya Water Park and Happy Train, a high-altitude single track train.

Visit over 100 colourful attractions that are unique to the theme park, from a UFO experience to "Xueshan Feilong", the first suspended roller coaster in China. There is Maya Water Park, which is the only park in Asia that by rewarded the international prize of the World Water Park Association.

So, are you ready for your next family holiday? 

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