Help Your Child Find the Right Sport!

Friday, 22.04.2016

With all the types of sports out there, we know that not all sports for kids are the same. Some kids are more suited to outdoor and water sports, while others are good with indoor sports like bowling. How do you help your child find the right one?

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First, consider his or her size, age, abilities, and most importantly, his or her interest. Your child may dream of becoming the next Joseph Schooling in Singapore, but will therefore not be interested in racquet sports. OR your child may prefer something more extreme, like martial arts, and regular sports may not keep his interest! 

Finding the right one!

If your child is not keen on sports, it may be that he or she just hadn't found the right one yet. Parents can help identify a sport or fitness activity your child might enjoy by looking at your child’s other interests

Furthermore, parents of infants and toddlers can actually already start building up your child’s interests from infancy if you give your baby more time to see, touch and taste the objects that he or she is already interested in, rather than always moving on to new activities.

How to Choose the Right Sport?

Review these factors:

  • Ease of which to get your child started? Can they easily pick it up in school or do they need to be enrolled outside of school?
  • What skills will they need? For example, hand and feet coordination, good eyesight?
  • How much exercise will they really get? For example, track and field will require a lot of stamina, versus archery which involves more accuracy in eye-muscle coordination.
  • What kind of equipment they will need (considering all costs and commitment)?
  • What kinds of injury risks they will face? For example, soccer demands much more intensity on the joints and bones than activities like Dance!

Types of Sports According to Different Interests:

Sports for Kids who like Music:

Sports for Kids who like Challenges: 

Does your child enjoy playing an instrument, or just listening to music? Sports with music and rhythm may appeal to them:

- Cheerleading
- Band / Marching
- Dance (many styles are available too, such as hip-hop, or ballet)
- Figure skating 
- Gymnastics
- Skating
- Synchronised skating
- Synchronised swimming


Does your child have a sense of independence and love to challenge limits? Try sports for individuals or with a competitive elements:

- Archery
- Bowling
- Fencing
- Golf
- Martial arts
- Swimming 
- Track and field
- Wrestling
- Plus of course, any other sport when done competitively.

Sports for Kids who love Outdoors:

Sports for Kids who like Teamwork:

Does your child enjoy nature, being out in the open and appreciates animals and wildlife? Consider sports such as:

- Running (track & field, later cross-country)
- Bicycling
- Hiking
- Diving
- Rock Climbing
- Inline Skating
- Canoeing / Kayaking
- Rowing
- Sailing
- Skiing / snowboarding
- Surfing

Does your child love being with others and group games? They would enjoy sports that require 2 or more persons to play:

- Badminton
- Baseball / Softball
- Basketball
- Hockey
- Football / Soccer
- Rugby
- Table tennis
- Tennis
- Ultimate Frisbee
- Volleyball
- Water polo


Which category does your child fall in?

Your kids may prefer a variety and not necessarily only one category of sport. For example, they may enjoy the intensity of competitive sport at school, but they would also prefer a leisurely game of soccer with friends.  

Sports can be a lifelong hobby!

In any case, parents can help your child find the sport that they truly enjoy by opening up the possibilties to them, giving them chances to enrol in trial classes or short courses. Try out as many varieties of sports as you can, and even go for it as a family. For your kids, this may lead them to discover the recreational and competitive sports that they could enjoy for life!

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