Kids World Parents Say series: Interview with Daniel Wong

Sunday, 01.05.2016

Every month, we bring you an exclusive Parents Say interview, with parents in the industry sharing about their parenting challenges and family bonding tips! This month, we feature author and speaker, Daniel Wong!

About me: Daniel Wong, 29, Entrepreneur/speaker/coach and author of "The Happy Student" (
Married to: Michele Ng, 30, Founder of ADC Bags
Child: Isaac, 2 years old

Kids World: Describe your parenthood journey in 3 words:

Daniel: Challenging, exciting and meaningful.

Kids World: How do you spend family time?

Daniel: We do simple, everyday things together as a family, like eating breakfast, going for walks, and doing the groceries. We go for more "adventurous" family outings once or twice a week, sometimes to a nature reserve or to the zoo.

Kids World: What are your top challenges as a parent?

Daniel: Finding balance in life while focusing on the important, not just the urgent.

Kids World: Where do you go or what do you do to relax (without your kids)?

Daniel: My wife and I enjoy watching movies together. Actually, we enjoy doing pretty much anything together! My other hobbies include juggling, reading, playing the ukulele and almost anything that involves being physically active.

Kids World: What inspires you to be a better dad? Any role models?

Daniel: I learn new things as a parent every single day, and it's rewarding to watch my son grow up. My own parents inspire me, because they have been wonderful role models who are kind, loving and sacrificial.

Kids World: Share with us your favorite quote(s) and what it means to you.

Daniel: "Many succeed momentarily by what they know. Some succeed temporarily by what they do. Few succeed permanently by what they are." This quote reminds me to focus on who I'm becoming, rather than just on what I know or what I can do. At the heart of it, I believe that life is a journey of growing in character.

Kids World: What do you hope to do for your children & family in the next year?

Daniel: Over the next year, I'd like to be even more of an encourager, leader, provider, playmate and friend to my family.

Kids World: If your child decides to follow your footsteps, what would you say to him?

Daniel: I hope to be a person of integrity, courage, love, commitment, kindness and generosity. (I'm definitely still a work in progress though, and I know that I'm far from perfect!) If my children follow in my footsteps in this regard, I would be a proud father.

In terms of career, my business is largely an Internet-based one that involves writing, speaking, coaching and creating digital products/courses. Being an entrepreneur means that there are always new things to learn and risks to take. If my children decide to be entrepreneurs too, I'd encourage them to give it a go.

Kids World: Do you have any regrets?

Daniel: I've made countless mistakes in my life, but I don't really have any regrets. I try to learn from every mistake I make so that I can focus on doing a better job next time, but I generally don't dwell on the things I've done wrong.

Kids World: Tips for other new parents out there?

Daniel: There's a lot of parenting advice on the Internet. A lot of it is useful and practical, but the sheer amount of information that's available to new parents today is astounding. To prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed, it's important to first identify what values and principles you want to impart to your children. After you've done this, it will be a lot easier for you to decide which tips to apply, that are in line with those values and principles.


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