Keeping Kids Cold-Weather Proofed!

Monday, 14.03.2016

You’re travelling with your kids to experience a white winter holiday. How should you keep your children warm, dry and safe from the cold?  Check out our tips on surviving the cold with your little ones!

1. Go Wooly

Choose fleece or wool garments which are much warmer than cotton clothes and also insulation for wet weather.

If you are travelling with a baby, also bring a fleece blanket to protect your baby in the stroller.


2. Wear More Layers

Just like adults, adding on layers will help retain heat and keep your child warm. If one layer gets wet, you could simply remove it to keep the cold and moisture away from the skin.

Wear an inner thermal wear, then a long sleeved tee, followed by a cardigan (woollen, fleece) and finally and outer down jacket (long till knee), preferably with a hood for protection. 

3. Cover all the extreme ends

Don’t forget to cover all the areas of the body that easily lose heat. For example, warm boots and mittens are a must, as these areas are most prone to frostbite. Make sure to cover your kids’ head, ears, necks and noses as well with wooly beanie, and scarves to prevent heat loss. 

If you do not have winter boots, thick socks and sport shoes may suffice but the shoes must be waterproof it may rain or walking through snow will wet the outer sides of the shoes. Whatever the case, the inside of the shoes must stay dry. 

4. Limit Outdoor Play Time

Parents can limit outdoor play time by regularly heading indoors for a rest or to warm up.

This allows you to check your kids for any signs of wet clothing and change your children out of them as soon as possible.


5. Bring Extra Socks and Gloves

Even in the snow, kids love to tumble and fall.

Be sure to bring extra socks, gloves, and some layers of clothes should they fall and get themselves wet.


6. Bring Snacks and Water!                                                               

In cold weather, kids get hungrier easily. Bring some snacks to re-energise.

In dry weather, nosebleeds may occur so be sure to keep hydrated by drinking lots of water.


7. Moisturise

For kids with eczema who might experience discomfort of dry skin or chapped lips, bring a suitable baby cream or moisturiser, and lip-balm to ease any dry situations.

8. First-Aid Kit

Snow can be hard and a snowy ground, slippery, making your kids prone to slips and falls. Keep a simple first-aid kit with you should your kid get any scrapes or bruises. A simple first-aid kit for kids should contain these things.
•    Cold and Heat packs
•    Bandages, Gauzes, Pad and Tape
•    Rounded-top scissors for cutting gauze
•    Sterile water
•    Moistened towelettes
•    Antiseptic solution or wipes
•    Flu medicine

A more comprehensive list may be found here

Have fun on your next family winter trip! 

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