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Friday, 05.08.2016

Honest-to-goodness fresh milk is absolutely yummy and also charged with nutritional value. No wonder Greenfields Milk is the ideal health beverage that’s “Honestly Fresh” for the entire family. 

It’s natural for parents to want the best for our children. After all, there’s nothing more fulfilling than watching our kids grow from strength to strength – and this growth also includes the building of strong bones and teeth.

Parents can ensure this by introducing a wholesome superfood into their child’s diet, such as milk of the freshest quality. One ideal option is Greenfields Milk, which is rich in calcium to build strong bones and boost immunity. It’s also a great source of protein, another essential building block for the body.

Why Greenfields Milk?

Regular breakfasts give your kids a great head start to each day, and drinking Greenfields every morning makes a marvellous breakfast for champions because it’s nutritious, fresh and tastes great too!

Greenfields Fresh Milk is “Honestly Fresh” as it is completely free of any hormones, antibiotics, permeate, preservatives and other additives to extend its shelf life or nutritional value.  Retracing the steps from the breakfast table all the way back to the source, the Greenfields story begins 2,500 metres above sea level in the volcanic highlands of Malang, East Java.

There, a 50-hectare dairy farm is home to 8,000 happy Friesian Holstein cows that thrive under the watchful care of both nutritionists and veterinarians. Greenfields believes that happy cows make higher quality and quantities of milk. That’s why their cows are treated like family. They sleep on soft, hay beds that are refreshed regularly. Most importantly, they are fed on a diet of superior corn kernels, local king grass and special alfalfa hay. These happy cows are responsible for producing the hallmark freshness and distinctive taste of Greenfields Milk that is also high in protein and fibre.” 

Pasteurisation of the milk is required just once due to the close proximity of Greenfields’ integrated dairy farm to Singapore.

Single-pasteurisation ensures that more nutrients are retained in the milk.  The farm is also the only one in Southeast Asia that combines both processing and packaging at one automated facility.

This means that the final product remains as fresh as possible from production through to delivery!

Natural Goodness for Your Kids

Besides consuming a balanced diet that includes fresh milk like Greenfields, children should also lead an active lifestyle to sustain their healthy development. They will benefit particularly if they spend some time outdoors during the day, to get a daily dose of the “sunshine vitamin”. This is also known as Vitamin D, which will help the calcium found in Greenfields’ Fresh Milk to be optimally absorbed by the body and deposited where it’s needed the most – in bones and teeth!

From vitamin D to calcium, the natural goodness found in sunshine and milk is perfectly paired to supplement the nutritional needs of growing tykes.

Embracing back-to-basics wholesomeness doesn’t mean a lack of variety, however! Whether consumed on their own or incorporated into various cooking and baking needs, Greenfields’ dairy products run the gamut from milk and cheeses to whipping cream.

Choose from four different milks (fresh full cream; low fat; skimmed; and chocolate malt), three gourmet cheese types (mozzarella, ricotta and bocconcini) and whipping cream.

Your kids and the entire family will grow to love these mmmmarvellous offerings!

It Figures! 
Mooo-re facts about bones, calcium, and Greenfields – because it all adds up, naturally.

- The human skeleton has 270 bones at birth – some of which will fuse to bring the total to 206 bones by adulthood.
- There is about 300mg of calcium in one cup of milk.
- The RDA (recommended dietary allowance) for calcium for babies and kids varies according to age. Babies: Breastfed (0-6mths): 300mg; formula-fed (0-6mths): 400mg; 7-12mths: 400mg Children/Teens: 1-3yrs: 500mg; 4-6yrs: 600mg; 7-9yrs: 700mg; 10-18yrs: 1,000mg
- Milk is between 85-95% water, with its remaining volume consisting of carbohydrates, protein, fat and vitamins.
- Greenfields is the only dairy company in Southeast Asia that produces its fresh milk on its own integrated farm.
- Besides supplying the domestic market, Greenfields milk and cheese products are also sold in Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and other countries in the region.

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