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Friday, 01.07.2016


Check out the Play-Doh Creations by various pre-schools in Singapore! The Play-Doh Creations with the most likes will win S$500 worth of Book Vouchers for the purchase of educational materials! Voting begins on 4th July. Who will win?

What is Play-Doh World of Imagination?

Play-Doh World Of Imagination is an enriching and educational inter-preschool contest, brought to you by Kids World, in collaboration with Play-Doh modeling compound. 

Facilitated by arts teachers, Play-Doh workshops will be conducted at 20 participating pre-school centres around Singapore in the months of June and September. The kids of each school will put together a Play-Doh creation according to one of these themes: Play-Doh Bakery, Play-Doh Garden (Phase 1) (Phase 2 themes tbc).

These workshops will run throughout the month of June and September and updates will be posted on the Kids World Facebook page. At the end of the workshop, each school will put together their Play-Doh Creations in 3D Play-Doh Collage and submit it to Kids World for a voting contest running through the month of July and September.

Through these creative workshops, Play-Doh promotes learning and development through hands-on playing. The 5 key learning benefits of Play-Doh include:

YOU can support your favourite Play-Doh Creations and help them to Win!

Come July, parents and friends can vote for your favourite Play-Doh creations and support the preschool your child is in. One winning school for every theme will receive S$500 worth of book vouchers, sponsored by Play-Doh, which will go to supporting the schools' purchase of new educational books and materials.

The public are also encouraged to support and vote starting this July. 

Voting Phase 1: From 4 - 25 July 2016 
Play-Doh Bakery
Play-Doh Garden

Voting Phase 2:
Dates and themes will be updated in September.

Voters can vote once per day and return the next day to vote again.

Results will be announced by 29th July 2016 on Kids World's website and Facebook page.

Participating Preschool Centres (over 2 phases):

  • Carpe Diem Preschool
  • Chiltern House Preschool
  • E-Bridge Pre-School
  • Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse
  • Learning Vision
  • Little Footprints Schoolhouse
  • Maplebear Preschool
  • Nobleland Arts N Learning Place
  • Pat’s SchoolHouse 
  • Posso Preschool  
  • Stamford Education Preschool
  • Swallows and Amazons Kindergarten
HELP your child's preschool, or your favourite Play-Doh Creation, to WIN! Voting begins from 4th JULY at 

Phase 1 Results

Congratulations to the winners of the Play-Doh World of Imagination (Phase 1) voting contest! The theme winners were presented with their prizes of a S$500 book voucher each, proudly awarded by Hasbro Singapore

Play-Doh Garden

Congratulations to Nobleland Arts N Learning Place @ Waterway for getting the top vote for your Play-Doh theme of "Play-Doh Garden"! 

Play-Doh Garden by Nobleland Arts N Learning Place @ Waterway

Play-Doh Bakery

Congratulations also to E-Bridge Pre-School @ Rivervale Drive for getting the top vote for your Play-Doh theme of "Play-Doh Bakery"! 

Play-Doh Bakery by E-bridge Pre-school @ Rivervale Drive

To all other participating Preschools, parents and voters, a big thank you too for your participation and efforts. It was a tough fight indeed!

Stay tuned for phase 2 where another batch of preschools will take up a new Play-Doh challenge! 

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