Raising A Champion Through Sports

Saturday, 16.04.2016

With increasing pressure in schools these days, sometimes we can’t help thinking only about acing the exams. But all work and no play may not be the best solution. Your kids can still have a balance of fun – and a healthy method is through sports!

Sports allow your kids to:
  • Do something they’re good at
  • Stay in shape, get exercise
  • To improve their study-life balance
  • Improve their concentration skills
  • Peform better academically
  • Destress and have fun

In a February 2012 report, then Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, Mr. Chan Chun Sing said: “Sport can be a national strategy to shape our future, whether we are promoting physical, mental and psychological wellbeing; creating strong leaders with drive and confidence; developing a winning spirit; or uniting us as a nation. It provides many practical, teachable moments.” (Source:

What can we do in with the ideas from the Vision 2030 Committee in reaping the full benefits of sports to develop happier individuals, stronger leaders, more active citizens? For example, Football Association of Singapore (FAS) vice-president Bernard Tan since 2015 has been aiming for a 20 per cent of all primary-school-going children to play football, under the association’s Cubs programme which launched in April 2015. (Photo: FAS, Source: Todayonline)

What we can do as a family:

We can PLAY sports!

"PLAY" - That’s the root of fun. When your children are “playing”, they are also learning at the same time. Joining a sports team in school helps your child stay active, as well as improve social skills. But more than that, sports also help in character building as your child learns more about sportsmanship, perseverance and how to focus on a goal.

All these experiences allows your child to develop important values that lead well into adult life. Not to mention, your child may just as well discover a hobby which he or she would enjoy for life!

So it doesn’t matter if they are not winning – they do not have to be on the school team in order to "play" a sport. 

10 Reasons Why Participating in Sports Builds Champions For Life!

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According to a publication by TrueSport, a movement powered by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) that seeks to ensure a positive youth sport experience -- longitudinal studies have shown that children and youth participating in sport, when compared to peers who do not play sport, exhibit:
  1. Higher grades, expectations, and attainment;
  2. Greater personal confidence and self-esteem;
  3. Greater connections with school;
  4. Greater attachment and support from adults;
  5. Stronger peer relationships;
  6. More academically oriented friends;
  7. Greater family attachment
  8. More frequent interactions with parents;
  9. More restraint in avoiding risky behavior; and
  10. Greater involvement in volunteer work.

These outcomes are thought to be related to the contribution of sport to learning values and skills associated with initiative, social cohesion, self-control, persistence, and responsibility.

So embrace a sporty lifestyle today! It can begin any time, even at home among family members! 

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