Robotics: More Than Meets The Eye

Monday, 25.12.2017

Usually, when people think of “robots”, an image of a humanoid device that replicates human functions and actions comes to mind. Yes, while there are some robots that fit that criteria, but they can be defined generally as a machine or device that performs tasks and operates automatically or by remote control. Robotics is the study of the design and use of robots for a whole host of functions out in the world – from medical, to manufacturing, rescue, exploration, and so much more.

The youth of today already have interest in science and technology, and they know that knowledge in this field could open up many new career paths. Teaching robotics in the classroom can help make students creators of apps or programs, instead of simply being a consumer of technology. Robotics enables a dynamic mindset in students, nourishing their thoughts and imagination to help improve the world around us. But what are some of the more specific virtues of learning robotics?

1. Hands-On Learning and Engagement
Kids of all ages enjoy hands-on construction activities, and we all know that they love the chance to show their peers, teachers, and parents what they’ve learned and what they can do! It’s proven that to activate a larger number of cognitive connections, you need a multi-sensory approach. Robotics engages the students emotionally and physically, which are essential for active learning and superior long-term experimental recall.

2. Effective Way of Introducing Programming to Kids
Programming can definitely be too abstract at times. So when a kid types in a series of commands and executes them, they’ll feel a sense of achievement when they see their robot performing the actions that were programmed into them. If their robots make a mistake, they’ll want to know what went wrong in their code and fix it, or perhaps they’ll come to understand the physical limits of that specific robot through their errors. 

The need for precise and accurate instructions are a big part of robotics, which teaches kids patience and fact checking. Through robotics, kids also learn about science, engineering, and maths, and get an understanding of how these subjects link together.  

3. Improved Socialisation and Leadership Skills
Fact: People absorb information and learn faster through imitation and observation from others, and this hold true even to this day! Open communication between teammates are decisive skills that’ll prepare your kids for the world outside the classroom. The challenges faced in robotics help kids to improve their socialisation skills, and will open their minds to different perspectives and viewpoints.

When assembling robots in teams, some kids are great at speaking and can verbally bring ideas to life! Conversely, some kids may not be as vocal, but they lead behind the scenes through coding, executing technical tasks, and making sure that the team stays focused on tasks. Through the exercise of putting the robot together and making it move, these two types of students (both leaders in their own right) learn to communicate as a team and express their ideas to get the best end result.

Programming - The Lifeblood of Robots
As touched upon earlier, learning robotics requires an understanding of programming languages, and they’re in a mutually beneficial relationship. However, learning programming by itself it also a great benefit for your kids! Learning to code gives them a skill that they can use for career opportunities in the future, as our world is progressively getting more digital – which means that there is a high demand for developers who understand front-end and back-end languages.

Programming has also shown to help kids do better in other subjects that they’re studying – as it teaches them how to break down a problem into individual steps and use their knowledge to come up with solutions. It is more than just learning a computer language – it’s about creating an effective and productive mindset towards problem-solving that will positively affect any endeavours that they take on. 

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