Save More On Your Child’s Education In The Long Run

Tuesday, 01.08.2017

Understand the importance of kick-starting your kids’ learning journeys while they’re little, and find out three common misconceptions of early childhood education!

One thing that we parents worry about when it comes to our kids is their education – the costs of tertiary and university education is definitely not low. To some of us, early childhood education is an afterthought rather than a priority, as “why should I spend so much on enrichment lessons when my tots can’t even read yet?” is a common belief.


Early schooling, however, holds immense value for our kids as it gives them a head start to success! Giving our kids a high-quality enrichment programme immerses them in a wide range of learning opportunities, making their minds more open and flexible to absorbing information. The long-term benefits for them can be substantial and life-changing!


We believe in the importance of early childhood learning. We'’ll give you an education investment plan with high guaranteed payouts that coincides with your children’s important educational milestones. On top of that, there’ll be enrichment programme privileges for your kids too!


In addition, upon signing up with our education investment plan, you’ll get a free genetic test for your child (worth US$2,000), and the results will identify their natural inborn talents and personality traits from their genetic make-up! With that information in your hands, you’ll know areas to focus on to bring out the full potential of your child. You can learn more about our education investment plan here.

Here are three common misconceptions of early childhood education:

1. Early Childhood Enrichment Is Too Expensive

We'll actually get larger savings in the long run when we enrol our children in high quality early childhood programmes! Because doing so ensures that our children have the foundation to achieve excellent grades throughout their studying life, all the way to university.


And with a college degree, our children are more valuable in the job market, which enables them to earn more over their lifetime. More importantly, the soft skills that they can develop will definitely open up many more opportunities for them.


2. Early Childhood Learning Is Ineffective

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Did you know that our children’s brains grow and develop up to 85 percent of their full capacity by their fifth birthday? The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has stated that the early years of childhood form the basis of our intelligence, personality, and social behaviours.


Those first five important years when we can provide our kids with education and experiences will build a foundation for them to grow and develop as independent adults.


3. Right-Brain Training Is Just A Myth

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The left brain handles logic, rational thought, and analytical reasoning; the right brain aids in subjective thought, holistic thinking, and intuition – all essential parts of development and learning in our children.


Right brain training is essential for children as it builds up their memory, focus, and information processing abilities! They can apply these abilities to all areas of learning – including sports and music too.


A right brain trained child usually absorbs concepts faster than their peers, articulates their thoughts better, and displays more confidence. Ultimately, the right brain offers skills that will help create a smarter, more productive adult who is better suited for the future workplace.


Let your child get ahead in life with right brain enrichment programmes that won’t blow a hole in your pockets. With us, you can put the worries of their future educational funds to rest, and instead focus on nurturing their limitless learning potential!

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