The Ultimate Solution To Ridding Your House Of Pesky Mozzies

Tuesday, 16.05.2017

Everyone hates mosquitoes. These tiny, detestable pests with annoying buzzes have been called "worst bugs on the planet" for a good reason -- not only do they bite and cause our skin to redden and itch, they spread killer diseases such as dengue fever, malaria and the Zika virus.

For parents with young kids at home, mosquitoes are doubly irritating. Itchy bites are often scratched open by children, leading to scabbing, scarring and infections. Mosquitoes, being the nuisance they are, have ruined family picnics, outdoor activities and trip to the parks, resulting in a whole lot of misery.

On June 15, ASEAN member states will come together for the seventh ASEAN Dengue Day, a reaffirmation of the region’s commitment to tackling the mosquito-borne dengue virus. Several community events are slated to be held in the ASEAN nations, to raise public awareness on dengue and mobilize resources for prevention and control.

Keeping one’s home free of mosquitoes is extremely important in our united fight against dengue. Traditionally, we apply insect repellent to keep mosquitoes at bay, but there is a downside to its usage. Most commercial insect repellents should be used with caution, if at all, as they contain an active, synthetic chemical ingredient called DEET. Studies have found DEET to have harmful effects. While it might be effective in getting rid of mosquitoes, DEET has been known to cause skin irritation, breathing difficulties and other side effects when used in large concentrations.

Time to ditch the insect repellent and look at better ways to repel mosquitoes at home!

Here’s a useful list of simple steps you could take:

Remove stagnant water

According to the National Environment Agency's (NEA) dengue website, Singapore’s top mosquito breeding habitats are domestic containers, flower pot plates and trays, ornamental containers and potted plants, toilet bowls and cisterns.

Be vigilant about removing stagnant water in and around your house, so as to minimize the mosquito population around your loved ones. Regular things to do include turning pails and watering cans over and storing them under shelter, loosening soil from potted plants, covering rarely used gully traps, changing water in flower vases, and clearing away fallen leaves in roof gutters and apron drains.

Grow plants around the house

Planting the right kind of shrubs and plants can go a long way in keeping your home mosquito-free. Catnip, feverfew, tulsi, mint, rosemary, basil, and marigold are known to be extremely effective in preventing the breeding of mosquitoes. However, do note that some of these aforementioned plants are slightly harder to care for in our tropical climate.

Turn on your electric fans and install screens for windows

Mosquitoes are not the most efficient of fliers and fly much better in still air. Thus, always have a fan switched on in the room you are in, so as to keep them away. Carbon dioxide, body heat and odours are substances which make us targets for mosquitoes. Electric fans help by dispersing these away from us, making us less of a target for the bloodsucking insects.

Additionally, screens are a great way to protect your homes from mosquitoes while still ensuring they remain ventilated. You can consider installing magnetic window screens as they are easily removable for cleaning and maintenance.

Citronella and tea tree oil

Citronella is an essential oil extracted from lemongrass. Infuse this extract in a candle or use it in a vaporizer to prevent mosquitoes from biting you. Tea tree oil also contains powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents to drive mosquitoes away. Rub some tea tree oil on your skin or add a few drops of it to a vaporizer as a home remedy.

If you’re looking for the ultimate protection against mosquitoes at home, we have the perfect solution for you –

Use Nippon Paint MozzieGuard to paint the walls in your house

Nippon Paint MozzieGuard is a uniquely formulated paint coating that offers homeowners and consumers an easy-to-apply, easy-to-touch-up, convenient solution to fend off mosquitoes. Safe, low odour, DEET-free and registered with the NEA, Nippon Paint MozzieGuard contains a special, active ingredient encapsulated in its polymer.

The active ingredient does not simply repel mosquitoes; it causes mosquitoes to be knocked down when they come into contact with the paint. Test results from an independent third-party laboratory show that mosquitoes exposed to Nippon Paint MozzieGuard have a mortality rate higher than 90 per cent.

Available in over 1,000 colours that provide a beautiful, elegant soft sheen finish, Nippon Paint MozzieGuard contains other key features such as durability, washable film, good stain resistance, as well as excellent fungus and mould resistance. Free from lead and mercury, it masterfully hides your wall imperfections. It is best suited for painting and repainting internal masonry surfaces i.e. cement, plastered walls, ceilings, fibre boards, skirting boards and doors.

Nippon Paint MozzieGuard is also ideal for use on the interior walls of hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities, food processing plants, restaurants and dining halls, schools, kindergartens, day care centres and community centres.

Nippon Paint MozzieGuard is available for purchase in 5-litre cans. The 5-litre cans are available at all Nippon Paint authorised dealer stores, Home-Fix and Selffix retail stores. Price: $110 per can.

For more information on Nippon Paint Singapore’s interior paint products, please visit

It was once believed that mosquitoes were attracted to human sweat, but science has proven otherwise. 

Human sweat itself does not attract mosquitoes. Instead, mosquitoes are drawn by the chemical changes produced by bacteria in your sweat. Sweat itself is odourless until bacteria acts upon it. Although mosquitoes are not attracted to fresh sweat, once you offer them some "fermented sweat," they will be all over you.

Consumers would be pleased to know that Nippon Paint’s line of products, namely Nippon Paint Odourless All-in-1, Nippon Paint Odourless Medifresh, and Nippon Paint 3-in-1 Medifresh, contain anti-bacterial components. Anti-bacterial paint promotes better hygiene and health, while keeping our surroundings clean and fresh.

Nippon Paint 3-in-1 Medifresh uses a special anti-bacterial formula, which offers protection from harmful bacteria such as MRSA, E-Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus. It is useful for the inhibition of asthma, flu and diarrhoea.

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