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Wednesday, 07.02.2018


year of the dog

2018 is the year of the Earth Dog, and it’s said that people who are born in the Year of the Dog possess the very best qualities a person can have! Qualities like honesty, friendliness, faithfulness, loyalty, intelligence, and a very strong sense of responsibility.

They have a strong sense of justice, and are extremely loyal to those they’re happy to call their friends or lovers. However, they’re also pretty stubborn and easily angered and irritable!

Here are some short descriptions on what you can expect for your Dog year ahead, for each zodiac sign:



Family and Friends: You may find yourself getting rid of more toxic relationships and finding out who your true friends are. New connections can be made through group activities such as attending classes to learn a new language, a dance, or even working out.

Work: You’re driven to excel, but remember to let go of your perfectionism. Your skills will grow and your results will be recognised by the higher-ups.

Money: You know the value of money and the effort it takes to earn it. Chances are you’ll see progress in the area of money and investments!



Family and Friends: Charming and kind of quirky, you’ll quickly recover from any mistakes that you make regarding relationships. Connections to friends from way back when that you’ve lost contact with may also happen!

Work: You’ll want to grow and progress in areas that you specialise in, so don’t wait for the opportunity to appear on its own – you need to create it for yourself. For those who have been toiling their bums off over the past years, the same thinking applies – be more open about asking for a raise and back it up with facts.

Money: Looking up at the previous two, we know that you’re charming and hardworking, so make sure you approach your boss at the right time when asking for a raise. Try not to lend larger sums of money to your friends.



Family and Friends: Normally an extrovert, this year will see your introvert side coming out more often than usual. You’ll learn to cherish the time spent with those close to you. Seek out old friends and you may be surprised at what’ll come from it!

Work: Aim to be more of a team-player and your stress levels will go down quite a bit! You’ll still be in the lead somewhat through delegating the right jobs to the right people, but remember to shoulder your share of the workload too.

Money: Finances aren’t your strong suit usually. So take things slow and steady, do up some savings plans for the long-term and then you can look forward to rewarding yourself near the end of the year.



Family and Friends: You’re a natural introvert, and that’s alright. Take this time to reconnect with old friends and your family members, you’ll discover fun and interesting things about them and yourself. There may come a time where your loyalty is tested – make the right decision for yourself when that situation arises.

Work: Slow and steady growth is what you need for your career – every day that passes is your opportunity to show others how hardworking you are and that you’ve deserved any raise and promotion that you’ve received.

Money: You’ll have the urge to be a bit riskier when it comes to investing, and you’ll need to consider the pros and cons of it. Consider increasing the worth of any assets that you currently own.



Family and Friends: Similar to the Tiger people, you’ll experience, enjoy, and crave smaller gatherings with your closest of close friends. Expect to meet new friends through your old friends as well.

Work: It may seem like you’re progressing a bit too slow for your liking, but take a step back and look at what you’ve achieved – you’ll get the attention from your bosses (in a good way)!

Money: Dragons love money but they’re not the best when it comes to saving or investing it! What’s most important for you to consider this year is to LEARN MORE about investing, even though it seems boring to you. Take that knowledge that you’ve gained to make sound financial decisions.



Family and Friends: Utterly charming and open to making new friends, you’ll instead appreciate building closer and deeper relationships with the ones that you have now.

Work: You possess a strong work ethic, and you’ll be sticking like glue to whatever plans that you have set – which will be a good thing for you in the long run! Show your company what you’re made of – attract new forms of profit for them and polish projects that are ongoing.

Money: Saving money comes easy to you, but try to listen less to others who have advice on how to invest your money. Do your own research and make your own decisions when it comes to investments.



Family and Friends: You’re fun to be around, and your family and friends know that. You probably won’t be making that many new friends, but the ones that are already around will be there for life. Your hobbies are the gateway to making new friends this year.

Work: You put in a ton of effort in whatever you do at work, but you’re a pretty bad team player! Practice on working as part of a team and you’ll see the others understanding you better. If you feel like your salary isn’t up to where your experience is, ask for more.

Money: Start looking at investing seriously. Let your money work for you to build a nice little nest egg – consult a financial advisor to help you plan your portfolio if you need to.



Family and Friends: Loyalty towards you is the name of the game this year. Time and again, you’ll be questioning the loyalty of your friends – who can you trust? Keep your trusted friends close!

Work: Don’t let resentment at work affect you professionally – things may not go your way, but it’s important to think out of the box and see how else you can help the company. Work will start looking up at the end of the year.

Money: Don’t wait for luck to come your way (i.e. a 4D or Toto win), but instead use the knowledge and experience that you have to reach out to people and money will approach you!



Family and Friends: Sociable to the max, you’ll actively make time for those you love, especially when life seems like it’s moving a bit too slowly.

Work: If you’re not where you want to be, this is a good time to consider a change. You may not get the energy that you want, but steady growth will give you some major progress and breakthroughs.

Money: Sit yourself down and don’t get distracted when it comes to money matters. Approach a financial planner if you need the help when it comes to investments. The most important thing for you isn’t to get distracted!



Family and Friends: Your social life might slow down a bit, but your close friends are there for you. Work on building bonds with them and you’ll find yourself in the centre of their social plans as well.

Work: Take a step back and look at your situation – ask yourself if you’re happy with your current situation, where you’d want to be instead, and how you can get there. You don’t need to find a new job,

Money: You’ve got the determination to earn and grow your money, so take advantage of that drive to make sound investments. Save and invest what you can and it’ll definitely grow.



Family and Friends: When you’re with your closest and most loved ones, you appreciate your time with them and would do anything to brighten their day.

Work: Your hardworking nature will shine through this year and your higher ups will take notice of that – your negotiations for a salary increase should go well, IF you play your cards right!

Money: It’s your year after all, and opportunity will come knocking at your door non-stop when it comes to money! Watching your money grow will be immensely satisfying for you this year!

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Family and Friends: You may find yourself drifting apart from some groups of friends, but it’s because your priorities in life have changed. Though old friends will make a reappearance and a rekindling of friendship is around the corner.

Work: Don’t be shy about your achievements and accomplishments at work – you won’t be able to request for a raise or promotion if you’re not recognised.

Money: Pig people are always up for learning something new, and you should be using that newfound knowledge to help with your financial management. Current investments should bloom in the latter half of the year, and they should be reinvested again.

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