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Monday, 03.04.2017

Choose a Thermos® Disney product that’s designed for every stage of your child’s growing up years.

Every mom is on a mission—to ensure her kids stay well fed and hydrated wherever they are and whatever they do. If you’re expecting or welcoming another new family member into your growing brood, Thermos® has the right products for you! Thermos®, the global manufacturer and pioneer in developing innovative vacuum-insulated products has introduced Disney series for the first time in Singapore. Read on to find out how the new designs will prove irresistible for any child who’ll love owning, using and flaunting them! Celebrate parenthood with 11 new Thermos® Disney products to serve your child’s needs from birth and through their childhood days.

Stage: Adorable infant
Must-have: Prepping milk formula outdoors no longer needs visits to fast-food restaurants for hot water refills. Forget about insulation bags that won’t keep water in the milk bottle at optimal temperature, while spillages, leaks and screw-off caps should be the least of your worries too. For ease of convenience and portability, the Thermos® JNX-500DS Disney’s Junior One-Push Tumbler features a leak-proof drink lid and keeps hot water hot for at least five hours. Its ergonomic design for easy grip enables a one-handed manoeuvre with a single push button and a locking ring. Apart from its functionality, the new JNX-500DS is available in two snazzy motifs of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
Did you know? The World Health Organization recommends using hot water 70°C and above to ensure powdered formula stays sterile and free from bacteria. The Thermos® JNX-500DS reassuringly ups the ante by maintaining the water temperature at 72°C for five hours at least! 

Stage: Tumbling tot 
Must-have: Encourage your toddler to stay hydrated all day with the Thermos® Disney’s Junior Infant Straw Mug FHI-250DS in light pink or light blue, which has a new spill-proof straw design and two side handles for little hands to grip easily. Your toddler won’t even need persuasion to drink up their favourite beverages, which will stay cold and refreshing for hours, just the way they like it.
Did you know? The light-weight and easy to open hygienic push-button lid with pop-up silicone straw will boost your tyke’s confidence and self-independence! With a non-slip, scratch-resistant base, it can withstand the hardest knocks and even if your toddler upsets it accidentally, no worries! This sturdy straw mug will not break or spill easily. 

Stage: Kinetic Kid
Must-have: You’d have noticed your kid is not only more active and independent, but assertive too. He or she will have honed their preferences and can make decisions as well. Get them acquainted with the charm of Disney’s blockbuster animated movies, Cars and Frozen, and Winnie the Pooh from Disney Junior channel. Have them select their favourite Disney characters among Thermos® Disney and Disney’s Pixar Straw Bottles (F4015FZS/ F4014WPS/ F4014CRS) featuring Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, Winnie the Pooh and Lightning McQueen! They’ll simply adore bringing their Disney BFFs with them everywhere they go to stay hydrated!
Did you know? Kinetic kids are a bundle of energy and usually in constant motion. With their favourite Thermos® Disney Straw Bottle to count on, your kid’s chilled beverage (of their choice, of course!) stays deliciously cold for at least six hours with no traces of condensation and hence the surface will remain slip-free. The polypropylene base is non-slip and scratch-resistant, assuring their beloved bottle looks new after extended use. What’s more, it has a flip-up carrying loop for easy attachment to a schoolbag: no more lost bottles!

Stage: Adorable infant, tumbling tot, kinetic kid—but in hungry mode!
Must-have: Thermos® products don’t just keep fluids hot or cold, it extends to food too. The same Disney characters are available in Thermos® Disney and Disney’s Pixar Food Jars (F3005FZS/ F3004WPS/ F3004CRS) too!
Did you know? Pack healthy meals (lunches or snacks) for your little eater and keep them fresh and warm in the stainless steel Food Jar. The vacuum insulation technology retains the food temperature and freshness for at least six hours. Whether it’s porridge, fried rice, spaghetti, nutritious soup, or crunchy carrot sticks, the food remains fresh as when it was first packed. It’s also easy to eat from, thanks to its wide opening for minimal mess.


Note to mom: Pair up with your children with your personal on-the-go hydration, by indulging in the new Thermos® JNO-350DS Disney Minnie Mouse Tumbler. This timeless classic has received an aesthetic makeover, featuring a retro-minimalist-chic imprint of Minnie Mouse in silhouette. Trust Minnie to work her charm in keeping your favourite drink hot or cold for at least six hours! Its ultra-light and compact design fits well in your everyday bag, and is reassuringly leak-proof with 360 degrees drink lid and easy 160 degrees twist open, so you can keep an eye on your kids without worrying about potential spills!

All Thermos® Disney series products are available at major department stores. For more information, visit and stay connected at and

Some fun facts:
• Did you notice that the Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters have different variations? Retro Mickey and Minnie on the infant straw mug were first introduced to the public in 1928’s Steamboat Willie. (source: TIME)
• The wide-eyed version of Mickey on the one-push tumbler was seen in the 1940 classic Fantasia. (source: moviefone, by AOL)
• The “95” on the straw bottle is Lightning McQueen’s race car number and also references the year of Disney’s Pixar’s first animated movie. (source: Pixar)
• Winnie the Pooh is based on the A.A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh short stories and became part of the Disney franchise in 1966. (source: The New York Times)
• Frozen is the highest grossing animated movie in history, not just in the US but around the world! (sources: Hollywood Reporter, The New Yorker)

6 things you need to know about Thermos® 

  • Founded in 1904, Thermos® is the global manufacturer and the pioneer in developing innovative vacuum-insulated products that suit various lifestyles, giving consumers more freedom to enjoy food and beverages the way they want them. 
  • Thermos® products keep hot things hot and cold things cold longer than ever. The vacuum insulation technology creates an airless space between two walls; virtually eliminating temperature change and keeping the freshness of the contents.
  • In 1978, Thermos® created the world's first stainless steel high vacuum insulated flask. Today, the innovation continues with various selections of products are manufactured with 18/8 grade stainless steel or commonly known as grade 304 stainless steel.
  • Thermos® other products parts are made of virgin polypropylene (PP) and silicone, which are food-grade safe and BPA-free.
  • Every piece of Thermos® products is tested under strict Japanese industrial standards for its heat retention function before delivery.
  • Today, Thermos® is a household quality name worldwide and its stylish products are cherished in over 120 countries as a trusted companion to bring lasting memories in homes and outdoors.

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