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Wednesday, 15.11.2017

Kids World wrote in to Tueetor, a website and app helps you find a tutor if you’re a parent looking for one, or a student if you’re a tutor looking for one. It’s a service that helps speed up and simplifies the process of looking for a tutor or student, and doesn’t impose any levies on their users. Discover more about Tueetor in our exclusive interview with them below!

Kids World (KW): Why was Tueetor founded? What prompted the need to have a service like this?

Tueetor (T): Tueetor was founded by Tan Han Sing, and the platform officially launched on 8 August 2016. A few years before, he had a friend whose child was suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder, and he was facing difficulties in finding educational support. Around about the same time, he had a single-mother friend who had financial difficulties in coping with rising education costs.

That sparked off the initial thought of coming up with something that would make it easier for education providers and hirers to find each other (accessibility), and through this “go-direct” model, lower the cost of education (affordability).

With the technology that he developed, it was an easy decision for him to make Tueetor a platform for all skills and subjects. He didn’t want to limit his users to just academic subjects; users can request to add a new subject if something that they are interested in is not already on our platform. From the initial 250 subjects, it grew to more than 350 in less than a year.

The process is streamlined – set up a Student or Tutor profile, choose a subject that they’re interested in, list their criteria (rate/budget, qualifications, location, etc.) and they’re good to go!

It’s a known fact that private education in Singapore is extremely costly, and prices are continuously increasing. However, not all students require A-list instructors – a primary 1 child who is only slightly lacking may not require a private tutor that holds a Master’s degree. If you log-on to our platform, you can find Math tutors that charge as low as S$15 per session. Now, that’s affordable.

KW: How is Tueetor different from other online portals that offer tutoring services? What makes it stand out?

a. We’re a location-based platform that lets you see where your trainers and learners are before reaching out to them.
b. Matching is entirely automated and quick. There’s no bias involved, as Tueetor doesn’t hard-sell any trainer or learner. The users decide it themselves, based on the perimeter that they set.
c. The entire catalogue of trainers and learners, along with the available subjects, timings, and locations are viewable by all.
d. No referral fees at all. Tueetor doesn’t impose a levy on the trainer when they successfully engage a learner – when the trainer saves money, the learner saves too.
e. Tueetor is business-focused – the same platform is used by private schools and institutions under a subscription called T.Pak for Business.
f. Tueetor is regional-focused – we have an expansion plan and schedule to bring the platform out of Singapore.

KW: How do you vet through tutors that’re listed on the site? Is there a screening process that checks their qualification?

T: We’re currently an open marketplace just like Airbnb or Carousell. Anyone who has skills that they wish to teach can create a profile to list their courses. Learners can look at the ratings and reviews of current or previous students of the trainer.

However, we’re going to implement a verification process – TueetorTrust™ – within the next few months, to make sure the trainers are who they say they are. We’re considering classroom certification courses for our trainers, so that they will be equipped with the right techniques to teach their skills.

KW: Going forward, how do you hope to expand Tueetor and the service that it provides?

T: In the second quarter of 2017, Tueetor launched T.Pak for Business. It’s an entirely new platform built from the ground up but makes the best use of the foundation Tueetor set. It helps private schools and institutions find trainers and students, manage their courses, and improves their branding.

In the coming weeks, Tueetor will be launched in 5 other countries, namely Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand.

On the trainer front, we’re working hard to bring in a wider variety of freelance trainers as well as enrichment centres. We’re looking into hosting online courses via our platform.

KW: Are there any figures that you’re able to share with us on the number of users and tutors that’re currently onboard?

T: If you head on to our website or app, the live statistics are being refreshed 24/7.

As of 18th September, 5:47PM:
- Tutors & Trainers – 3,280
- Subject Offers – 7,077
- Matches Made – 30,975 (since December 2016)

NOTE – Statistics are updated in real-time every time you log on to our website at .

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