Kids World Awards


The inaugural Kids World Awards is here and we have you parents to thank for it! These schools were chosen based on the surveys that you helped us with – the important areas that we focused on were Credentials, Testimonials, and Accessibility. So, thank you for letting us know what you’re looking for in these schools.



  • Best Reggio Emilia Preschool
    Mulberry Learning Centre

    Best known for using the Reggio Emilia method to build confident communicators, independent thinkers, and lifelong learners, Mulberry focuses on a holistic form of learning for their children. Lessons and project-work are centred on inquiries of students, with teachers only guiding research and offering help when needed. 

  • Best Multisports Programme

    Originating from Australia, the premier multisports and exercise programme for pre-schoolers was brought to Singapore. Their programme teaches children the fundamentals of 10 different sports and develops essential motor skills in a fun, safe, structured, and non-competitive environment. They also teach the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, and confidence – key skills for them to succeed in the future. 

  • Best Character Building Programme
    People Impact

    Celebrating 15 years in Singapore, they’re the market leader in providing character building programmes for kids – with a focus on enhancing soft skills such as communication, self-esteem, leadership, money and time management, arithmetic and linguistic reasoning, creativity, and critical thinking. Their curriculum was developed by leading professors from Harvard, MIT, and several other institutes of learning. 

  • Best Bilingual Immersion Preschool
    Pat's Schoolhouse

    Their Bilingual Immersion methodology incorporates a progressive language structure which encourages children to speak, read, and write in both English and Mandarin throughout their day. They’re renowned for their excellence as a leading preschool provider, and they’ve been built on the support of parents and the passion of their professional team.


  • Best Preschool in Developing Leadership Skills
    Chiltern House Preschool

    Warmth, Security, and Love are the nurturing qualities of home that Chiltern House aims to recreate in their preschool. They nurture independence, positive self-esteem and self-image, and a love of learning in children that’ll help prepare them for a confident and successful entry into primary school.

  • Best Mandarin Kindergarten
    Chengzhu Mandarin Kindergarten

    They empower kids through immersing them in both Chinese language and culture, enabling them to develop a strong foundation in mandarin and build confidence to master the language. They introduce the rich history of Chinese literature through songs, music, and dance; calligraphy and Chinese brush painting help to build their artistic side as well as their motor skills.

  • Best Taekwondo Academy
    Korean Taekwondo Martial Art Academy

    The KTMA provides handpicked, award-winning instructors for their students and believes in putting the happiness of their students first. Their students are ones who have a strong moral compass, a kind and honest heart, and treat their opponents with respect and sportsmanship. KTMA has multiple training halls with up-to-date technology and equipment.


Primary School Categories

  • Best Science Preparation Programme
    Primary Level Category

    Terra Minds Learning Centre

    Terra Minds is a pioneer in providing an enriching experience with their hands-on Science experiments – their classes are structured to help children develop a love for learning, knowledge, and the natural environment they live in. Their curriculum encourages creative expression of their students’ imagination and understanding.

  • Best Primary Math Enrichment
    Primary Level Category
    Sakamoto Method

    Originating from Japan, the Sakamoto Method is an innovative, visual approach to problem solving that provides children with a simple and systematic method to understand concepts and applications of math. This results in logical and creative thinking in children.

  • Best Kids Aikido Academy
    Primary Level Category

    Kidou Academy

    A play-powered style of Aikido for children between the ages of 4 to 12, it was founded by Erwin Yuhanis and Kay Lim. They focus on building self-defence skills, discipline, strength, self-control, respect, perseverance, and courtesy for their students. They’re officially affiliated with the Aikido Kenshin-Kai, a recognised Aikido branch in Japan.


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