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Eczema: How to Reduce the Itch-Scratch Response Eczema, dry, itchy and sensitive skin, hives and heat rash. Are your kids frequently bothered by these skin conditions? Read More
Learn as you Play with Discovery Camps School’s almost out and the holidays are drawing near. What would your child do with all that free time this end-of- year holidays? Read More
Embracing Diversity – Regardless of Race, Gender and Ability “Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners” Read More
Turning Snack Time into Learning Time with Bahlsen Zoo Biscuits All kids love snacking, but did you know it’s actually an important and essential part of their diet? Read More
Saving For Your Child’s Higher Education Our natural, nurturing instinct as parents is to provide the best for our children – and education isn’t an exception to that! However, this is Singapore, and education has such a great emphasis placed on it that its costs are always on a rising trend. Read More
Kumon, Making Math Fun! Math is a subject that has a stark division between the ones who love it and the ones who hate it – but Kumon aims to subtract the ‘dis’ from dislikes through their teaching methods! Read More
Stress in Singaporean Students Childhood stress, anxiety, and depression is a real worry in this era that we live in – according to the Samaritans of Singapore (SOS), suicide is the leading cause of death for those aged 10-29. Read More
More Than Just Music Music is one of the most basic yet intricate forms of communication available to us; it’s able to help us feel and understand what the creator of the music is going through, and it also helps with cognitive development of our kids. Read More
KidZania Singapore: Edutainment At Its Finest Remember when we were kids and how we pretended we were firefighters saving a building from raging flames, police officers solving crime or even pilots zooming through the skies? What if our kids could do that… and more? Read More
Happy and Hygienic Kids Our kids’ personal hygiene habits can be influenced by us parents, caregivers such as their grandparents or aunties and uncles, or their friends! Read More
Boosting Your Child’s Brain with JELIC! Did you know that the first six years of your child’s life is the most crucial to setting the foundation for their future, learning-wise? MPM math gives your younger children the chance to enhance their foundation for learning with their JELIC Brain Power Engine Program! Read More
Strengthening your Kids’ Immune System! Runny noses. Constant colds. Recurrent flus. Gastrointestinal bugs. Most parents think these conditions are just par for the course with children in day care or school. But not all children are getting sick! Not all children have runny noses! Read More
Building Better Breakfasts Breakfast, is the most important meal of the day! We keep telling our kids that, and we’ve definitely been told that when we were kids ourselves – we’re just passing on the wisdom from generation to generation. Read More
4 Fruits You and Your Kids Will Love to Eats! Some kids seem to refuse to eat anything that could be considered “healthy”! The moment they become independent eaters, kids tend to become a lot fussier over food. So what should you do as parents? Read More
Better Protection Against Cavities and Tooth Decay! It’s already pretty difficult to get our kids to brush their teeth so having a toothpaste they use be stronger and better while still tasting nice is a blessing! Read More
7 Local Drinks that We Love! Yummy drinks that we’ve probably had at least once before through our many years! Let’s try to pass on a bit of nostalgic local flavour to our kids as well. Read More
4 Steps to Raising Happy and Healthy Kids! Raising a smart or successful kid in Singapore’s landscape is a given, with a ton of tuition centres focused on providing the best education and extra-curricular activities for them. However, raising a happy and healthy kid is much more difficult, as happiness is a frame of mind and health is hard to get control over for many reasons. Read More
Toys In MINT Condition! There’s just something cool about seeing vintage items that are older than you – it existed before I was born, but it’s still in great condition! Read More
Learn to Make, Make to Learn! MAKE Learning is many things – the practical application of math and science using everyday materials that kids can safely recreate at home. This is experiential learning at its finest Read More
5 Tips to Build Better Money Habits Money is something that we can’t live without (unfortunately), and it can be tough to figure out simple ways to save money and how to use your savings to pursue your financial goals. Read More
Why is Milk Good for Us? Milk, that yummy source of goodness and nutrients is what we mammals use to feed our babies until they’re old enough to eat a different variety of food. Read More
4 Ways to Help You and Your Kids Deal with Exam Stress Exams always seem to be around the corner for our kids, don’t they? Read More
8 Fun Family Events In April And May! All work and no play creates a dull mind, and makes it harder for kids to expand their creative and out-of-the-box thinking! So here’s a list of family friendly events that are happening in April and May 2018 for you to pick and choose from! Read More
The Power Of Mindfulness Parents are increasingly sending their kids for mindfulness classes to help them focus better, but what exactly is mindfulness? Read More
7 Invaluable Tips To Beat The Exams! The exam period is nearly here for your kids, and PlayFACTO School has come up with 7 tips to help your kids beat those exam blues! Read More
The Write Steps Like many people, you may believe that writing is only, or even mainly, a matter of correctness and of finding appropriate words to colour your ideas. Read More
Travel Vaccines for Children If you are planning to travel to another country with your kids, being familiar with the risks of travel helps to keep them stay safe and healthy. This may include getting prior travel advice, vaccines or certain medications. Read More
Keeping Our Kids Hydrated For Their Physical & Mental Health! Kids are at a greater risk for dehydration than adults due to quite a few factors – they’re a lot more active, don’t really pay attention to how much water they’re drinking, and more! Find out the risks of dehydration and what you can do to prevent it. Read More
The Fight Against Obesity Singaporean kids are starting to catch up to their American counterparts… in weight, that is. Find out how we can combat this rising tide of childhood obesity. Read More
Kidou Academy: Aikido for Kiddos Aikido is a great martial art for kids to learn as it’s gentle yet firm, and teaches them how to control themselves rather than strike out at others. Read on to find out more about this martial art and watch some videos on basic Aikido techniques! Read More
Family Fun During the March School Holidays! The March hols are here again! Here are a bunch of entertaining events just for your family to attend and enjoy! Read More
How To Deal With Toddler’s Aggressive Behaviour The last thing all parents want to hear is a complain from your little one’s teacher that he bit and pulled someone’s hair in childcare. Why does it happen and how can you handle it? Read More
Boy Vs Girl: Do They Develop Differently? Researches have found that there isn’t much difference between baby boys and girls. Yes there are differences, but only the subtle ones. Read More
Daily Default – Breakfast! Research has shown that children form individual dietary habits even before they turn five, and after age 11, they are more resistant to changing their eating habits. Read More
Things To Do When Your Toddler Is Throwing a Tantrum Toddlers that throw tantrums are not problem children or spoiled children, they are just normal kids struggling to cope with difficult emotions. Here are some ideas to handle tantrums when they happen: Stay calm (or pretend to!). Read More
Is My Child Having A Cold Or An Allergy? It can be very tricky to tell the difference between a cold or an allergy, but a few factors can help you to identify it. Read More
Benefits of Eating Meals Together As A Family Whether you're a working parent or a busy mom with many chores to juggle, it's good to cultivate this habit! Read More
Toddler Learning: Is It Time For ABCs and 123s? Doesn’t matter if your little one is attending play group or not, it’s never too early to start introducing his ABCs, numbers, shapes and colours! Read More
5 Kids Friendly Airlines From Singapore Flying with your little one can be a very daunting thought. We've come up with a list of 5 baby and kid friendly airlines that give you little ones the VIP treatment! Read More
5 Common Challenges In Setting Healthy Expectations For Our Kids Here we share 5 common challenges when faced with setting healthy expectations for our kids Read More
5 Tips To Keep The Spark In Your Relationship Staying in love is a lot more difficult than falling in love. So here are 5 ways that can keep the spark in your relationship going! Read More
Welcoming in the Year of the Dog at VivoCity! Here’s what you and your family can expect to find at the mall this CNY (besides a whole lot of snacks and good food) Read More
Welcoming In The Year Of The Dog! Some short descriptions on what you can expect for your Dog year ahead, for each zodiac sign! Read More
Teaching Kids The Value Of Money Through Hongbaos Chinese New Year is around the corner, and we know what that means for our kids – lots of visiting and hongbaos! It is also a great time to sit down with your kids and explain to them the bare basics of managing their money through Hongbaos. Read More
Having A Healthy Chinese New Year! Chinese New Year’ and ‘Healthy’ don’t exactly go hand in hand, what with all the food and snacks about, but we can at least lessen the damage that it does to us without completely swearing off the yummy and sinful goodies! Read More
Ultimate Checklist: Choosing The Best Preschool in Singapore For many children, preschool is their first venture into formal education that leaves an important impact on the rest of their learning journey. Read More
Lil’ Fusspot Eater The fundamental rule is that healthy eating habits should be encouraged from young and at the dining table. Here is some advice to get you started. Read More
Stubborn or strong-willed? Every child is precious, dear and a joy to raise except in those moments when stubbornness raises its head. Read More
Why You Shouldn't Quarrel In Front Of Your Kids It is natural to lose your cool and yell at your partner, sometimes even for petty issues such as leaving the toilet unflushed. But after you have kids, you need to be careful in these matters as well Read More
Asthma In Toddlers: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Asthma is a disease caused due to the inflammation of lungs and bronchial airways. It can affect one’s ability to breathe normally. This condition can be found in any age. Read More
Whole(listic) Brain Training Out with the old, and in with the new! Memorisation for the sake of it is a waste of your child’s potential – they should be able to understand and apply their information appropriately. Read More
Strong Bodies, Disciplined Minds Having our kids enrol in a martial arts course has many benefits for them – and no, they won’t become a mini-fighting machine! Read More
Robotics: More Than Meets The Eye Usually, when people think of “robots”, an image of a humanoid device that replicates human functions and actions comes to mind. Read More
Kids World Family Studio Shooting Contest Announced! Want to capture the best moment with your family and kids? You will not want to miss out on this giveaway! 2 WINNERS will stand a chance to win a family studio photoshoot by award winning studio worth $200! Read More
4 MRT Stations With Family Friendly Activities Around Them The New Year’s around the corner, but right now, it’s the December school holidays! If you’re looking for something to do during the latter half of December, we’ve got a quick list for you. Read More
6 Enrichment Ideas for Your Kids in 2018 There are a ton of enrichment classes out there in Singapore and you might be wondering which ones will be great for your kid or kids to attend, so we’ve listed out 6 ideas for you! Read More
The Importance Of Healthy Nutrition For Children The calibre of foods that your child consumes will have a significant impact on their health throughout the growing stages of adolescence and adulthood. Read More
Brain Rave Whole Brain Training departs from traditional learning methods that no longer work. Read More
A Method and a Movement How well-versed are you with the story behind Kumon and why does it continue to greatly improve the lives of so many students all over the world? Read More
Fill Your Thermos® Food Jars and Straw Bottles With Yummy Food Thermos®, the global manufacturer and pioneer in developing innovative vacuum-insulated products, has their Disney series of products with cute and irresistible designs! Read More
All About Math The present primary school curriculum might make us scratch our heads when we look at their problems and questions – especially for people who aren’t mathematically inclined or gifted! Read More
Speak Well To Succeed We’ve all attended talks or sat through meetings where the person speaking sends us to sleep. Conversely, we’ve all doubtlessly listened to speakers who have us hanging on their every word. Read More
Protect Your Kids’ Teeth From Young! I know some parents who think that it’s alright if their kids don’t brush their baby teeth as much as they should because they’re going to drop out anyway. However, did you know that if our kids’ baby teeth decay, there’s a higher chance for their adult teeth to get decayed as well? Read More
8 Easy Ways To Keep Kids Healthy While Travelling The holidays are fast approaching and it is once again that time of the year for family vacations. Find out how to keep your children in the pink of health for your holidays. Read More
Activities for Your Kids this Holiday! Gear up, parents, it’s that time of the year again – the year end school holidays. Here are some interesting ideas to spice up their holidays, and who knows, maybe they’ll find a new hobby with them! Read More
Cultivating Creativity Through Science & Robotics Terra Minds, which means ‘earth minded’, helps your child to develop a love for learning, and the natural environment that they live in. Read more to find out! Read More
Tueetor: Making The Right Connection Kids World wrote in to Tueetor, a website and app helps you find a tutor if you’re a parent looking for one, or a student if you’re a tutor looking for one. Read More
Boys' Town: Fostering With Heart Boys’ Town is a charity started by the Brothers of St. Gabriel and they provide residential care, street outreach, fostering, and community and school-based programmes for families, children, and youth-in-need. Read More
The Perks Of Being Mindful Having an educator who’s able to bring out the ability of mindfulness in children, allowing them to understand how to be focused, calm, and aware of themselves and others, is a big part of a positive education experience. Read More
The Glycaemic Index And Your Health Health is something that we need to keep an eye on for multiple reasons – we want our kids to grow up healthy and smart, and we want to stay healthy for the sake of our kids as well! Read More
5 Life Lessons Kids Can Learn From Judo There are many things you may want to teach your child from the minute they enter this world. Any parent would want their kids to grow up as loving, kind and successful individuals. Read More
Play That Song Don’t underestimate the benefits of exposing your child to musical education! Their growth academically and as a person will give them an edge in the future. Read More
Kids World Genetic Test Contest Announced! The Inborn Talent Genetic Test helps parents discover their children’s hidden talents that may not be obvious at a young age. Stand a chance to win a genetic test for your child!. ONE winner in total to walk away with this giveaway! Read More
Save More On Your Child’s Education In The Long Run Understand the importance of kick-starting your kids’ learning journeys while they’re little, and find out three common misconceptions of early childhood education! Read More
Growing Up Happy, the Badanamu Way When a child is happy, something triggers in his brain that brings about feelings of wellbeing; millions of neurons fire up to make more connections, and that is where learning happens. Badanamu Singapore brings you to a whole-body learning experience where your children have a safe, happy space to come to! Read More
Child’s Play: Great Games For Learning Kids Think your kid spends too much time playing video games? That might not necessarily be a bad thing. Read More
Music Boosts Your Child’s Brain The power of music could do more than just move us emotionally – recalling fond and sad memories tied to a tune – and physically – bobbing heads, tapping feet, singing out loud. Find out how music boosts your child’s brain and enhances their development! Read More
Avoid 4 Fatal Mistakes When Buying A Property Ready to purchase your first residential property with your significant other? Before you do that, read about these common mistakes young couples make and avoid the pitfalls! Read More
Creating a Mosquito-Free Zone Wanna enjoy the summer sun without worrying about mosquitoes and dengue fever? Use Thermacell’s protection devices, certified and approved to repel Aedes mosquitoes! Read More
Peanut Butter Power It’s pretty easy to spare little thought for something so ubiquitous as peanut butter—but not all varieties are created one and the same. Read More
The Ultimate Solution To Ridding Your House Of Pesky Mozzies Everyone hates mosquitoes. These tiny, detestable pests with annoying buzzes have been called Read More
3 Benefits of Taekwondo You Never Knew About – Is Taekwondo For Your Child? With a dizzying myriad of martial arts options, picking the right one can be a tough choice. However, parents have named Taekwondo their top choice when deciding on a martial arts class for their child. Read More
A Structured, Systematic Reading Programme That Goes Beyond Phonics Increasingly, phonics classes and English reading programmes have become a dime a dozen in Singapore. On the one hand, it’s great to have more options. On the other hand, the glut of such enrichment lessons gives well-meaning parents a headache. Read More
Course for Concern It’s time to consider whether the increasingly widespread use of antibiotics is in fact helping—or harming—us more when it comes to more effective healing. Read More
Finding "Miss Right" Opening your home to a complete stranger may appear daunting in the first instance, especially if you’re a rookie employer. Read More
Managing Common Skin Problems in Babies and Young Children Good skin is a blessing (or not). Here are some key tips that our editors picked up to be useful for parents to flag up skin problems early. Read More
Travel Around the World With the Go Jetters on CBeebies! Catch Ubercorn and his team of Go Jetters on CBeebies everyday as they take on the world (literally)! Read More
Toon into Thermos® Disney Series Choose a Thermos® Disney product that’s designed for every stage of your child’s growing up years. Read More
Managing and Caring for Eczema-Prone Skin Eczema is reported to be the top skin condition in Singapore with new cases every year. With unparalleled medical advancements, skin eczema still remains a non-curable ailment. Read More
Kids World Redoxon® Boost & Slide Winners! Kids World Redoxon® Boost & Slide Winners! Find out who the winners are! Read More
Ode to Code Kids World speaks with Foo Yong Ning, Founder and CEO of Coding Lab, a coding school that runs classes in Japan, Perth and Singapore. Read More
March against the Mozzies! This fight requires you to put your best foot forward. With the constant threat of falling prey to mosquito-borne illnesses, we are now on higher alert than ever before against these pesky bloodsuckers. Certainly, in a perfect world, there would be no mosquitoes! Read More
Making a Clean Sweep Are you cleaning your home in a correct and proper manner to safeguard the health of your family all throughout the year? Read on to find out how to finetune your cleaning routine to emerge victorious in the war against germs. Read More
The Weeklong Bucket List So much to do, and so little time! How many of the following activities can you accomplish in just one week of the term one school holidays?  Read More
Raising Healthy Happy Eaters While it may be a struggle in the beginning when raising a healthy eater , the long-term goal is to build healthy habits that your child can carry with them throughout their entire life. Read More
Kids World Valentine's Day Contest winners! Love is in the air! Write a Valentine's Day dedication to your spouse (not more than 100 words) and BEST 3 DEDICATIONS wins a KINOHIMITSU product (BustUp Box 10's/Collagen Diamond Box 16's/ProWhite Box 30's) each! Read More
Worth A Shot! Planning to leave the country for a short overseas getaway? Make sure that your entire family is covered with the necessary vaccinations required for travelling. Read More
5 School Savvy Smarts Every child can grow more efficient and productive at school simply by being mindful of these 5 strategies, and then putting them into good use! Read More
Ready, Jet, Go! Little ones are naturally curious and want to know everything about the world. If you’ve ever been asked why mountains are tall, why the rain falls, or why it takes so long to get to some countries, you can answer them with geography! Read More
CNY Long Weekend Watch: Five Ways to Fill It! Family-friendly suggestions from the Kidsworld team to make the most of the super-long weekend. Read More
Making a Statement At English enrichment learning centre The Write Connection, no student gets written off or left behind—and that's a fact. Read More
Engaging a Maid Agency: A 6-Step Guide Thinking of hiring a foreign domestic worker (FDW) but don’t know where to start? Here’s how to get started in 6 steps! Read More
5 Reasons for the Season—KidZania-style! Christmas is upon us, and KidZania Singapore is not just coming to town, it is the town-to-be-at for every kid, whether naughty or nice (Santa doesn’t discriminate, and KidZania is all-inclusive too)! Read More
L.E.A.D Camp—for Little Big Dreamers! This December, leading enrichment provider Learning Horizon aims to empower 7-12-year-olds with fresh insights into social entrepreneurship and cutting-edge business practices. Over three day-long sessions, children will be inspired to take the L.E.A.D and hit the CEO Fast Track to leadership success. Read More
A Gateway to Learning Adventure Specialising in early childhood education that’s individualised, innovative and uniquely different, Odyssey The Global Preschool is where learning comes alive for every child—read on to find out how! Read More
Kids World FUN CAPTION Winners Kids World FUN CAPTION Contest! Are you creative with words? The answers are out and the 15 winners are... Click to find out! Read More
In a Class of Their Own It’s common for parents to begin their child on a new enrichment programme during the holidays—and tuition is also part of that category. If you’re about to jump on the bandwagon, here’s what you need to know about small group tuition. Read More
Never A Dull Moment Searching for awesome activities to maximise your child’s year-end holidays? Here are some ideas from the Kids World team to get the ball rolling!  Read More
Amazing Wound Care and Repair Think you know everything about wounds and scarring? We’ve got all the essentials covered, from A to Z! Read More
Early Childhood Caries The age of children with early childhood caries has been getting younger and can be seen in children who are younger than 18 months. Read on to find out about the main causes in the etiology of dental caries and a few tips how to defend against them. Read More
Kids World Colour My World Contest Results To celebrate the month of Children's Day and Deepavali, Kids World brings you a fun colouring challenge for all kids aged 3 to 12 years old. Check out the winning entries now! Read More
Sophia Ng - Kids World Parents Say series Every month, we bring you an exclusive Parents Say interview, where parents share their parenting challenges and family bonding tips with readers. This month, we feature “maker-mommy”, Sophia Ng! Read More
The Kids World 2017 Primary School Survival Guide In this two-part feature, seasoned mom of two Cheryl Sim gives you a comprehensive walkthrough of what you need to know, what to expect and what you might have overlooked for your child’s all-important, all-exciting, all-out primary school journey! Read More
5 Sure-Fire Ways to Power Your Kids’ Potential This story is about ‘A’s—but not in the way you might think (that is, acing school grades). Our kids have Aspirations and we can help them Achieve them. Read on for more As! Read More
The Kids World 2017 Primary School Survival Guide (Part 2) In this two-part feature, seasoned mom of two Cheryl Sim gives you a comprehensive walkthrough of what you need to know, what to expect and what you might have overlooked for your child’s all-important, all-exciting, all-out primary school journey! Read More
Kids World Colour My World Contest To celebrate the month of Children's Day and Deepavali, Kids World brings you a fun colouring challenge for all kids aged 3 to 12 years old. Top 3 entries stand to win tickets to MOSH! Singapore for 2-parents-2-kids worth S$100! Read More
Kids World OCTOBER Quiz Winners Did you know? Fluocaril Kids Toothpaste is especially designed for children from 2 to 6 years-old and is available in Strawberry and Cola flavours. Who's the winners for this month's Children Day Quiz? Read More
Play-Doh: Unlocking the Potential of Play All kids have the innate knack to knead – and Play-Doh is perfect for getting them to express themselves! With Play-Doh in the play mix, there’s always something new to create and learn the moment those lids are popped off their cans. Read More
5 Pre-Exam DON’Ts! Exam season is upon us, for both kids and (naturally concerned) parents. Here's 5 pointers to get the most out of study prep (even at the last minute!) Read More
Kids World Promotion SEPTEMBER winners Q: What are the 4 ingredients found in Kinohimitsu Be Sharp Kids? The answers are out and the 5 winners are... Click to find out! Read More
Kids World Fair 2016: A Ton of Fun! Kids World Fair 2016 is over! Thank you everyone who visited the fair and enjoyed our world of learning adventure! See you next year! Read More
Magdalene St Clare - Kids World Parents Say series This month, we feature career mum of twins, Magdalene St Clare, whose greatest achievement is, and always will be, her children! Read on to find out more, PLUS one of her latest recipe for "Nikujaga" (meat and potatoes)! Read More
Childhood Measles: What Every Parent Should Know The occurrence of measles has become a lot less common since vaccination during childhood became compulsory more than 30 years ago. However, measles remains a potentially-deadly infection that should still be taken seriously! Read on to learn more! Read More
Obesity: Lightening the Load Turning our kids from fat to fit requires conscious and targeted action, but even small lifestyle changes can make a big difference. Read on to find out how you can combat childhood obesity! Read More
Kids World Promotion AUGUST winner announced! Q: The KETTLER Speedy 10-inch Balance Bike is suitable for children aged 2 - 5 years. True or False? Results are out! We have a lucky winner! Read More
Simple ways to protect your child’s eyes If not studying or reading, children are often in front of a mobile phone or tablet for extended periods of time. This puts them at risk of straining their eyes, and inadvertently affects their vision. Find out how to protect their eyes now! Read More
Kids World Fair Launches at Suntec this September Holidays! Kids World Fair Launches at Suntec this September Holidays! Don't miss great fun for the family and lots of learning adventures for the kids! Read More
Kids World Fair Quiz Results Kids World Fair QUIZ: ONE LUCKY Winner will win a F-17 FOOTBALL SCHOLARSHIP worth S$500, sponsored by F-17. The RESULTS ARE OUT! Read More
Play-Doh World of Imagination Season 2 Check out the Play-Doh Creations by various pre-schools in Singapore! The Play-Doh Creations with the most likes will win S$500 worth of Book Vouchers for the purchase of educational materials! Voting ends 14 October! Read More
Child's Play Who said that playing is a waste of time for kids? It’s fun, educational, promotes healthy all-round development and strengthens bonds. Read More
Straighten Up Investing in the right furniture and school backpack is beneficial to maintaining good posture in your child. Read More
The Importance of Praise Praise, correctly used, is a powerful and indispensable tool that any parent can use to raise a child right. Kids World finds out more. Read More
Mmmmarvellous Milk! Honest-to-goodness fresh milk is absolutely yummy and also charged with nutritional value. No wonder Greenfields Milk is the ideal health beverage that’s “Honestly Fresh” for the entire family. Read More
A Solid Start to Solid Foods Welcome to the wonderful world of weaning, where babies begin to explore the new tastes and textures of solid foods in what is likely to be the biggest dietary adventure yet of their young lives. Read More
Parenting: More Substance than Style Authoritative, authoritarian, permissive (indulgent), neglectful (uninvolved): Which of these parenting styles describe you best? Increasingly, I’m finding it’s getting really hard being the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde parent all at once, all the time... Read More
Childproofing Your Home - No Room for Error Some areas in the home have more lurking “dangers” than other parts of the house, and that’s why it is so imperative to safety proof all rooms in your home and not just those where baby spends most of his time. Read on for more safety tips! Read More
Buckle up! Car-seat Must-Knows! Car crashes are the leading cause of injury and death among children – and a crash at even 30mph creates as much force as falling from a height of three storeys. How do you ensure safer road journeys with your little one? Read on to find out! Read More
Jude De Cunha - Kids World Parents Say series This month, we feature dapper-dude-turned-doting-dad Jude De Cunha! He was a bona fide bachelor and ladies’ man before he got married, but Jude De Cunha did settle down eventually – and by all accounts, he’s loving it. Read More
Face of Kids World Photo Contest Results In June, the Kids World team began a search for 3 fresh young faces who would best represent our Kids World Fair this September. With voting and judging now over, meet the 3 frontrunners of this year’s Face of Kids World Photo Contest! Read More
Play-Doh World of Imagination Check out the Play-Doh Creations by various pre-schools in Singapore! The Play-Doh Creations with the most likes will win S$500 worth of Book Vouchers for the purchase of educational materials! Voting begins on 4th July. Who will win? Read More
Growing A Terrarium With lots of imagination and creativity, terrariums are not only highly customisable, but the materials to make one are easily accessible too. Your children can have hours of fun personalising their very own miniature mobile “garden”! Find out how! Read More
Raising Cyber-Savvy Kids Computers and children needn’t be like chalk and cheese: Parents, here’s how to stay aware, alert – and ahead when making that connection with your young ones. Read More
Debunking Daddy Deceptions “Although fatherhood does not get the same attention as motherhood, the reality is that fathers are vital to their children’s well-being and emotional development,” writes author and ordained minister Victor M. Parachin. Read on for full story! Read More
My baby has Diarrhea! Should we see a doctor? Beat the baby blues! This month, we talk to Dr Wong Chin Khoon of SBCC Baby and Child Clinic for his insights into yet another common baby health woe that first-time parents face – and we’re looking at Diarrhea! Read More
12 Ways to spend MORE family time Spending quality time together is the best way we have to show each other that we care and that our families are important. Here are some ideas from Families For Life, for you to implement in your homes! Read More
Brunch and Munch: 7 Family-Friendly Cafés to Heart Whether you’re heading out with kids in tow for an early riser breakfast or a lazy Sunday brunch, these seven cafés recommended by the YELP community have been a hit with parents! Have you visited them yet? Read More
Kids World Promotion JUNE Winners Happy Father's Day from Kids World! 20 Lucky Winners will each walk away with a pair of ALIVE MUSEUM tickets worth S$45. Are you one of the winners? See the results here! Read More
5 Fun Playgrounds in Singapore Did you know there are actually quite a few playgrounds within our heartland neighbourhoods which dare to be different and push play and imagination to another level to give our children an exhilarating playtime experience. Have you visited them? Read More
Global Parenting Authors to speak in Singapore at the Asian Parenting Summit for the first time! The WORLD’s most TOUTED global parenting experts will speak in Singapore for the FIRST Time at the Asian Parenting Summit, this 11 June 2016 at The Star Theatre. Read on to find out more! Read More
Interview with Evelyn Tan-Rogers - Kids World Parents Say series In this month's exclusive Parents Say interview, we feature blogger Evelyn Tan-Rogers and mother of 2 kids aged 5 and 10! Read on to know about her parenting tips! Read More
Kids World Promotion MAY Winners 10 Lucky Winners will each walk away with a set of Kinohimitsu Superfood 500g beverage worth S$39.90. Are you one of the winners? See the results here! Read More
Holiday Camps to Look out for this June! Looking for holiday camps, workshops and enrichment for your kids? Here's some of our highlights for the June Holidays! It's Summer camp galore! Read More
Cultivating an Environment for Your Family to Bloom and Grow Parenting is more about discovering & celebrating who our children are. Learn how you can nurture your children & help them bloom & grow into their full potential. Read More
A Closer Look at Myopia in Children If your child is displaying tell-tale signs of Myopia, better consult an eye doctor & have your child's eyes checked as soon as possible. Learn more here. Read More
Worried about your Kid's Scars? Fret not! Scars on your children's skin? Worry not! Here are the tips to treat scarring and precautions to take for your kids' optimal recovery. Read More
Get Vaccinated for Your First Family Holiday! Getting ready for your first family outing with toddler in tow? First & foremost, get vaccinated as a safety precaution. Here are some tips to help new parents! Read More
Dads For Life launches 'Celebrating Fathers' initiative Dads for life has launched a nation-wide community movement to raise awareness of the importance of active fatherhood for Father's Day this year. Learn more here! Read More
The Importance of Values and Learning from Mistakes Your child's value system is being shaped everyday. Make sure you know the importance of values you transmit to your children and they can learn from mistakes. Read More
Avoiding the Diet Trap after Pregnancy Staying in control of your weight contributes to good health, improves general mood & self-confidence. Something that most mothers today will need. Learn to avoid diet trap after pregnancy here. Read More
Kids World School Outreach Contests Create your own Fun Peanut Butter Sandwich, or use Gardenia bread packaging to create recycled and eco-friendly art, OR Snap a picture of your Champion Moments and stand to win Tickets to KidZania Singapore Read More
How to get your children to listen to you What is the best approach to get your children to listen to you? Here are a few simple steps you can take to try to make this happen. Read on! Read More
How to Study Smart: 20 Scientific Ways to Learn Faster As a student, you tend to focus your time on your exams, homeworks & projects. But, wou'dn't it be nice if you could also lead a balanced life & study smarter? Read More
Kids World Parents Say series: Interview with Daniel Wong This month's exclusive Parents Say interview, we feature author Daniel Wong! Read on to know about his parenting style and family bonding tips! Read More
Be Your Kids’ Sporting Support! In Singapore today, it's easy for kids to adopt a more sedentary lifestlye earlier in life. How do you maintain a sporty lifestyle among your kids & yourselves? Read More
Working Out Together, Keeps You Together With all the responsibilities that comes with kids, careers & all other activities, it's hard to make time for exercise. Here's why you should not stop! Read More
Help Your Child Find the Right Sport! With all the types of sports out there, we know that not all sports for kids are the same. Some kids are more suited to outdoor and water sports, while others are good with indoor sports like bowling. How do you help your child find the right one? Read More
Practical Exam Tips for Children Exams are stressful. They represent an absolute test, on a specific day & time. As parents, how do you prepare your kids for exams? Learn more here! Read More
5 Cool Ways to Document Your Baby's First Year Capture those precious moments with your newborn baby! Let us share to you the funny ways you can do to record & share your child's first year. Check 'em out! Read More
Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep? In Singapore, kids spend a lot of time on TV as well as gadgets like iPad, iPhone and computer games. How do these affect a child's sleep, especially if he uses these gadgets before bedtime? Find out more from Dr Mark of Mt Alvernia Hospital. Read More
Raising A Champion Through Sports With increasing pressure in schools these days, sometimes we can’t help thinking only about acing the exams. But all work and no play may not be the best solution. Your kids can still have a balance of fun – and a healthy method is through sports! Read More
Family is... Where Children Learn To Love When we love our children, we love them for who they are, despite their shortcomings and faults. This kind of love is about making sacrifices, being supportive, giving to others and caring for their overall well-being. Read More
Top 10 Reasons to Travel with Baby Now! Have you been afraid of travelling with your baby or simply had no time to plan a trip because of all the responsibilities and changes that parenting brings? Don’t postpone it, because now is actually the best time for travel! Read More
Constipation: What You Need to Know Beat the baby blues! We interviewed Dr Wong Chin Khoon, Medical Director of SBCC Baby & Child Clinic, for his insights into some of the common baby health woes that first-time parents face. Here we look at Constipation, a very common baby ailment that could appear in babies after the introduction of solid foods. Read More
5 Common Challenges in Setting Healthy Expectations for Our Kids Your toddler is growing up and you need to set new goals and expectations for them. What are the challenges and how do you cope with it? While we are excited for what’s ahead, we also worry whether our kids are reaching the right milestones in life. In the process, we discover that we actually do have certain expectations for them that aren’t all that easy to convey. Here we share 5 common challenges when faced with setting healthy expectations for our kids. Read More
In our Monthly Parents Say series... An Interview with Amu Saravanan, mum of 2yr old Dronan Every month, we bring you an exclusive Parents Say interview, with parents in the industry sharing about their parenting challenges and family bonding tips! This month, we feature Amutha... Read More
Common Newborn Skin Issues Baby skin is often expected to be flawless and smooth. But it is also extremely sensitive, to the dismay of all first-time mums and dads! What do you do when your newborn erupts into a rash or other skin problems? Read More
Keeping Kids Cold-Weather Proofed! You’re travelling with your kids to experience a white winter holiday. How should you keep your children warm, dry and safe from the cold? Check out our tips on surviving the cold with your little ones! Read More
What is a Healthy Meal for Kids? With all the food choices out there, it is important to give them a well-balanced meal to help them grow and stay healthy. The right nourishment is crucial in their growing years and they will need to take in a variety of food in moderation. But what is the right balance? Read More
Fun and Not-So-Common Family Travel Destinations! Okay you’ve just decided to go on a last minute holiday, or better still, you have not even decided whether to go. For the last minute planner, we’ve put together some less common travel destinations around the world that might just spark off that wanderlust in you to get that family trip going! Read More
How to Raise a Happy, Successful Child: 25 Tips Backed by Science Every parent wants to raise children who are happy and successful. But there’s so much parenting advice out there. Who should you listen to? And which advice is trustworthy? To answer those questions, I read through dozens of scientific articles and research journals. I’ve compiled this list of 25 scientific ways... Read More
Kids World Great Lookers Contest Join the Kids World LOOK BOOK Photo Contest! Is your kid looking Healthy, Smart, and Happy? Contest is over but head in to view our album of Top 100 little great lookers! Read More

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