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How To Deal With Toddler’s Aggressive Behaviour The last thing all parents want to hear is a complain from your little one’s teacher that he bit and pulled someone’s hair in childcare. Why does it happen and how can you handle it? Read More
Boy Vs Girl: Do They Develop Differently? Researches have found that there isn’t much difference between baby boys and girls. Yes there are differences, but only the subtle ones. Read More
Things To Do When Your Toddler Is Throwing a Tantrum Toddlers that throw tantrums are not problem children or spoiled children, they are just normal kids struggling to cope with difficult emotions. Here are some ideas to handle tantrums when they happen: Stay calm (or pretend to!). Read More
Toddler Learning: Is It Time For ABCs and 123s? Doesn’t matter if your little one is attending play group or not, it’s never too early to start introducing his ABCs, numbers, shapes and colours! Read More
Ultimate Checklist: Choosing The Best Preschool in Singapore For many children, preschool is their first venture into formal education that leaves an important impact on the rest of their learning journey. Read More
Lil’ Fusspot Eater The fundamental rule is that healthy eating habits should be encouraged from young and at the dining table. Here is some advice to get you started. Read More
Stubborn or strong-willed? Every child is precious, dear and a joy to raise except in those moments when stubbornness raises its head. Read More
Asthma In Toddlers: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Asthma is a disease caused due to the inflammation of lungs and bronchial airways. It can affect one’s ability to breathe normally. This condition can be found in any age. Read More
Brain Rave Whole Brain Training departs from traditional learning methods that no longer work. Read More
The Perks Of Being Mindful Having an educator who’s able to bring out the ability of mindfulness in children, allowing them to understand how to be focused, calm, and aware of themselves and others, is a big part of a positive education experience. Read More
Growing Up Happy, the Badanamu Way When a child is happy, something triggers in his brain that brings about feelings of wellbeing; millions of neurons fire up to make more connections, and that is where learning happens. Badanamu Singapore brings you to a whole-body learning experience where your children have a safe, happy space to come to! Read More
A Gateway to Learning Adventure Specialising in early childhood education that’s individualised, innovative and uniquely different, Odyssey The Global Preschool is where learning comes alive for every child—read on to find out how! Read More
Amazing Wound Care and Repair Think you know everything about wounds and scarring? We’ve got all the essentials covered, from A to Z! Read More
Early Childhood Caries The age of children with early childhood caries has been getting younger and can be seen in children who are younger than 18 months. Read on to find out about the main causes in the etiology of dental caries and a few tips how to defend against them. Read More
Childhood Measles: What Every Parent Should Know The occurrence of measles has become a lot less common since vaccination during childhood became compulsory more than 30 years ago. However, measles remains a potentially-deadly infection that should still be taken seriously! Read on to learn more! Read More
Play-Doh World of Imagination Season 2 Check out the Play-Doh Creations by various pre-schools in Singapore! The Play-Doh Creations with the most likes will win S$500 worth of Book Vouchers for the purchase of educational materials! Voting ends 14 October! Read More
The Importance of Praise Praise, correctly used, is a powerful and indispensable tool that any parent can use to raise a child right. Kids World finds out more. Read More
Buckle up! Car-seat Must-Knows! Car crashes are the leading cause of injury and death among children – and a crash at even 30mph creates as much force as falling from a height of three storeys. How do you ensure safer road journeys with your little one? Read on to find out! Read More
Jude De Cunha - Kids World Parents Say series This month, we feature dapper-dude-turned-doting-dad Jude De Cunha! He was a bona fide bachelor and ladies’ man before he got married, but Jude De Cunha did settle down eventually – and by all accounts, he’s loving it. Read More
Play-Doh World of Imagination Check out the Play-Doh Creations by various pre-schools in Singapore! The Play-Doh Creations with the most likes will win S$500 worth of Book Vouchers for the purchase of educational materials! Voting begins on 4th July. Who will win? Read More
Debunking Daddy Deceptions “Although fatherhood does not get the same attention as motherhood, the reality is that fathers are vital to their children’s well-being and emotional development,” writes author and ordained minister Victor M. Parachin. Read on for full story! Read More
5 Fun Playgrounds in Singapore Did you know there are actually quite a few playgrounds within our heartland neighbourhoods which dare to be different and push play and imagination to another level to give our children an exhilarating playtime experience. Have you visited them? Read More
Cultivating an Environment for Your Family to Bloom and Grow Parenting is more about discovering & celebrating who our children are. Learn how you can nurture your children & help them bloom & grow into their full potential. Read More
Get Vaccinated for Your First Family Holiday! Getting ready for your first family outing with toddler in tow? First & foremost, get vaccinated as a safety precaution. Here are some tips to help new parents! Read More
How to get your children to listen to you What is the best approach to get your children to listen to you? Here are a few simple steps you can take to try to make this happen. Read on! Read More
5 Common Challenges in Setting Healthy Expectations for Our Kids Your toddler is growing up and you need to set new goals and expectations for them. What are the challenges and how do you cope with it? While we are excited for what’s ahead, we also worry whether our kids are reaching the right milestones in life. In the process, we discover that we actually do have certain expectations for them that aren’t all that easy to convey. Here we share 5 common challenges when faced with setting healthy expectations for our kids. Read More
Keeping Kids Cold-Weather Proofed! You’re travelling with your kids to experience a white winter holiday. How should you keep your children warm, dry and safe from the cold? Check out our tips on surviving the cold with your little ones! Read More

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