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Tong Ming Xi Pte Ltd

1 Commonwealth Lane, #08-28 One Commonwealth, Singapore 149544
+65 6238 8750, +65 6259 2550


Many consider the process of choosing a violin or string selection to be a very difficult one. We, here at the TMX Gallery, are happy to simplify it for you! ‘Hear-it’ for yourself. We are masters of this process, so very happy to help you. In this brief Master Luthier Article and a TMX Insights Guide for students and beginners, Master Luthier Tong Ming Xi turns his personal insights and expertise into simple and elegant advice distilled just for you, the string player. Read on for more information and advice for more finely-sharpened string-playing adventures. We trust that with us you will find the perfect violin and set off on the perfect trajectory and musical journey with us!

Come With A Parent, Teacher, or Friend

If you are a student or adult-beginner, do feel free to come down to the violin gallery with trusted friend, parent, teacher, or even a third-party player and evaluator. As you are newly maturing, you may not yet be able to discern what some good or desirable qualities of a violin are. Thus, while violin selection is an immensely subjective process, it is always good to have alongside you a fine, balanced, and objective counterbalancing opinion and ear. Also, if you are not able to tackle some of the passages required to test a violin by yourself, you may need a friend to help you. Try to get your friend to listen to what the violin sounds like at some distance from the music that you are projecting also to and from yourself, as you need to evaluate the acoustic effects at the very edge of the room that you are in. You are looking for an instrument that is playable, with the sort of voice, clarity, responsiveness, and evenness that you yourself like. No two players are alike, and no two violins likewise. We are looking for the most perfect and perfectly suitable match between both and for you.


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+65 6238 8750, +65 6259 2550
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