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Amooo's - an original

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+65 9226 3962

About Amooos

Amutha’s creations are inspired by contours, natural imperfections and vibrant colours. She challenges conventional form in her designs. She takes advantage of how the hand-building technique allows her free rein to mold clay into the quirky shapes she conceptualizes.

“I feel that a hand-built form has character and depth, which makes the piece personal. Each indent or smudge has a story behind it.” 

More recently, she has taken a passionate interest in incorporating other materials with clay in her works. Her current fascination is broken glass. The brilliance that shards of glass have on a ceramic piece and how they interact as catalysts with glazes to produce resplendent effects leaves people enthralled. She has also tried incorporating local clay from various locations in Singapore to inspire the exploration of a sense of belonging to the Singapore identity. With the belief that constant experimentation leads to unexpected, interesting discoveries, Amutha works as often as possible in her self-created studio at home.

Amutha’s works have created hype amongst like-minded people and she has developed a select clientele who is appreciative of her avant-garde style. She is frequently commissioned for her artwork and her pieces have found homes both locally and internationally.

Baby Prints


Tasty Tea Cups (in sets of 4)
Tasty Tea Cups

Affirmation Stones (in sets of 5)
Affirmation Stones

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Areas of Specialisation
Ceramics, Art, Craft, Baby, Pregnancy, Family Fun
Age Range
All ages
Fee Range
S$30 - S$500 (price varies for events or products)
  • Central
Operating Hours
Please contact for more information.
Contact Person
Amutha Saravanan
Contact Number
+65 9226 3962
Email Address
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