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Eastar Asia Pte. Ltd. 24 Sin Ming Lane Midview City #07-106 Singapore 573970
6659 0292


Established in 2007, Eastar Asia Pte Ltd (herein referred to as "Eastar") is in the business of baby spa and wellness services under the trade name "BabySPA".

Using the innovative BabySPA Swimming System developed in-house, the baby, while supervised, is kept bouyant in warm water with a specially designed neck float. Such a water training programme is designed for babies between 1-24 months old, and has been proven effective in stimulating their physical, mental and sensory pathways growth. The aqueous environment also mimics the natural setting inside a mother's womb, allowing newborns to retain their natural affinity in water.

BabySPA also offers baby massages and haircuts in all our BabySPA centres, which, apart from providing great convenience to parents, further cements our positioning as a one-stop destination for baby care, spa and wellness centre.

Corporation Vision/Mission

Brand Vision: We aim to establish ourselves as the market leader in the industry of baby care and holistic development so as to fulfill the parents' aspirations and dreams for their children.

Brand Mission: Our mission is to provide innovative and effective services through the BabySPA System so as to strengthen and stimulate the physical growth and mental development of young children in our care.

Core Values

Care: We value each baby and strive to exceed the young parents' expectations.

‚ÄčIntegrity: We earn and uphold the trust and confidence of others in us.

Teamwork: We work as a team and with our partners to achieve our mission.

Innovation: We constantly pursue new ideas and creative solutions to improve our services and ourselves.

Professionalism: We take pride in what we do and strive for excellence.

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Visit our website for more news on our Services (Baby Haircut / Baby Massage / Water Training) and our Stores! 

Swimming Hours: Small Pool: 11am to 7.30pm; Big Pool 11.30am to 7pm

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Areas of Specialisation
Spa, Baby
Age Range
1 - 24 months old
Fee Range
More details of courses and products at our website.
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Operating Hours
Please check our stores for more information.
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Contact Number
6659 0292
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