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Kindermusik With Love Studios

Rochester Mall, 35 Rochester Drive #03-18 Singapore 138639
Katong V Mall, 30 East Coast Road #03-22 Singapore(428751)
West Studio (Rochester Mall) : (+65) 6684 8064
East Studio (Katong V Mall) : (+65) 6440 8667

Kindermusikwithlovestudios - maestroKindermusik With Love Studios is proud to have been awarded Maestro Status since 2013 by Kindermusik International in recognition for our excellence. This year (2015-2016), we are once again thrilled to be the best of the best, remaining in the Maestro – Conductor’s Circle! We are so proud to be amongst the top 1% of Kindermusik programmes in the world. Thank you, dear parents and children, for being a part of who we are…. We will continue to give it our all to affirm your belief in us.

kindermusik_with_lovestudios_maestro certificate

Our Teachers

At Kindermusik With Love Studios, we hand-pick and conscientiously groom our treasured educators. All our educators are first certified directly by the expert team over in the USA, and have undergone Kindermusik’s rigorous training in order to earn their Kindermusik License. Then we keep them going strong through our in-house trainings, industry seminars and workshops.

They’re steeped in child development and music concepts. They learnt how music and movement contribute to children’s growth, and how they can facilitate the process. They learnt how to tap into different learning styles and how to reach all kinds of children: infants and older children, the shy and the outgoing, as well as children with cognitive or physical limitations.


Hugs Circle - KindermusikwithlovestudiosDynamic, bubbly, passionate and with unique musical flair, these are phrases that come to mind when one mentions Shauna. Music is her life. It is therefore of no surprise that Shauna is an all-rounded musical talent who has excelled in her chosen field. Apart from attaining a Masters in Early Childhood Education, she is also well versed in the Electronic Organ (Dip with High Honours), completed Grade 8 Music Theory, accredited in Piano and Guitar, and also plays the Erhu and Violin for leisure. As a music educator since the year 2000, Shauna now specializes in early childhood music upon discovering the wonders that such musical experiences provide for her two young children (make that three in 2013!). She is also an adjunct lecturer with several established educational institutions, imparting valuable musical skills to other early childhood educators.

Shauna is one of the top music educators with Kindermusik, a description well-deserved since her intense and active career from 2006. Parents love her ability to customize every lesson for maximum fun and learning, and revel in the special connection she has with every child under her care.

Come year 2012, Shauna has furthered her belief in the Kindermusik programme by continuing to teach and run the Kindermusik programme at Kindermusik With Love Studios. Her efforts and passion paid off when she was awarded Maestro status by Kindermusik International. She is also proud and pleased to be appointed a mentor and Business Coach with Kindermusik International.

Come and revel in the magic of early childhood music together with Ms Shauna, at Kindermusik With Love studios

Kristina Cindy (KC)

Music has always played a big role in KC’s life. Singing is her cup of tea and she started joining and performing in theatres from the age of 5. She’s been with the Conservatory of Music at the University of St. Thomas, Philippines, majoring in Voice and minoring in Piano from 2002-2004. Due to her family’s influence, she shifted to Health Sciences and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing in 2008. She worked in a medical setting for 2 years and spent most of her time in pediatric care. Her love for children blossomed from here.

At the age of 28, she started a family and spent time bonding with her child through lots of music explorations. Looking at how her daughter responds and develops through music, it inspired her to lead other children unto this wonderful and magical musical journey as well.


Farhana - kindermusikwithlovestudiosHana’s personal life motto is to always follow her heart and do what she loves. Hence, it was without much hesitation that she knew she wanted to do music with children. Upon completion of her Degree in Early Childhood Education in 2013, she joined Kindermusik in hopes of spreading the joy of music to children and families. Having been exposed to music since she was 4, she definitely understands how much music can benefit one’s life through the growing years. She completed her ABRSM Grade 8 in piano in 2011 and has since picked up the guitar for leisure.

She aspires to further her involvement with music and children by becoming a Music Therapist one day. At present, she volunteers at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and sings to the children who have been hospitalized. The look on a child’s face when they respond to music is something that drives her to want to continue touching the lives of children through music for many years to come.

Larysa Swierzy (Lora)

Lora - KindermusikwithlovestudiosWhen Teacher Lora was 6 years old, she told her parents that she wanted to play the piano. Ever since then, music remained an important part of her life – singing in a choir, playing in a school band or even in a rock band. Music never left her life from pre-K to college, and all the way to attaining her Masters Degree.

Years later, watching her own children enjoy music in their everyday lives inspired her to become a Kindermusik educator, in order to share the joy of music to other families. Teacher Lora believes that the best way to have great music lessons is to not take yourself too seriously, and just let loose and have some fun!


The Studios

At Kindermusik With Love studios, we pride ourselves in creating the most optimum environment for you and your child’s music journey. We are aware that our little ones tap on their immediate environment, both the physical and the human, for their learning.

Our equipments

We equip ourselves with the highest quality music instruments. Kindermusik instruments are developmentally appropriate and rigorously tested against safety standards before they are handed over to tiny hands. Most importantly, they are capable of enriching our little one’s ears with sounds of true musical beauty.

Our Built Environment

At Kindermusik With Love Studios, we got down to the child’s height to plan our space. We tried to simulate a comforting, yet stimulating, environment by considering sensory issues, comfort levels and safety.

Walls: Our studios are painted with Medi-Fresh Anti Bacterial paint which inhibits bacterial growth. This lowers the risk of flu, diarrhoea and other ailments.

Instruments, carpet and all general areas: We use the range of disinfecting products from SureClean™. With its Silver Ion technology, SureClean™ is able to protect from germs on any surface for more than 24 hours on application. It is also Certified Childsafe by the Singapore PSB, so there is no worries on toxicity and allergic.

Air: We utilised the latest Cerafusion™ Technology, via the MedKlinn Air Sterilizers. It produces massive amounts of beneficial negative ions to clean the air effectively. Negative ions will bind onto harmful germs and destroy the protective cell wall, causing them to rupture and die; Airborne allergens and minute dust particles will form as clusters and settle on the ground, leaving in its place a clean, fresh and healthy environment for everyone in the studio.

For added disinfection, we have invested in the BioCair® Air Purifying System. Using a child-friendly, eco-friendly solution, 99.99% of airborne and surface germs are killed instantly and efficiently in a maximum of 60 seconds. We care for our children, and we care for you, now everyone can enjoy class with a peace of mind!

“Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them – a world of work, culture, intellectual activity, and human involvement. The future of our nation depends on providing our children with a complete education that includes music.” – Gerald Ford, Former President of the United States

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Areas of Specialisation
Music, Dance, Education, Movement
Age Range
6 months to 12 years old
Fee Range
Please contact us for more information.
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Operating Hours
Closed on Wednesday (West Studio);
10am - 9pm daily (East Studio)
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Contact Number
West Studio (Rochester Mall) : (+65) 6684 8064
East Studio (Katong V Mall) : (+65) 6440 8667
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