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MPM Math

998 Toa Payoh North #02-10, Singapore 318993
+65 6253 8260


When your child encounters
a difficult problem to solve, does your child:

  • Have a positive and independent attitude to say " I'll work out this problem by myself ! "?
  • Analyze and look for patterns in the wordings or data?
  • Ask themselves logical and direct questions to probe the problem and find out the solutions?
  • Visualise the problem in their mind?

MPM Math aims to improve confidence and inspire independent problem-solving. Our program trains children in mathematical concepts and calculation skills while exploring TRUE problem solving skills. Children will be able to solve sophisticated math problems using basic skills they have learned. The MPM program develops a positive self-learning attitude in children.

Teaching Philosophy

The JELiC program facilitates development of the child's Multiple Intelligences emphasizing on:

  J    Judgment Quotient makes sure that children can distinguish right from wrong.

  E    Emotion Quotient encourages and develops children's positive emotion management.

  L    Logic Quotient trains children's logic thinking.

   i     Intelligence Quotient indicates the intelligence and skills in problem-solving.

  C    Creative Quotient explores the creativity in life.


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Mathematics, Calculation Skills, Problem Solving Skills,
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