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My Little Genius

135 Jurong Gateway Road #04-355 Singapore 600135
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  My Little Genius Pte Ltd was founded in 2008 with the objective of providing young children with quality education for brain stimulation.

Over the years, there has been a growing trend of Chinese families speaking only the English language at home while neglecting the Chinese language. As a child’s brain develops and becomes more mature, any input given to the child at a later stage will be faced with resistance if the child does not embrace it – hence the high rate of children doing poorly in Chinese in primary schools, especially if they only communicate using English at home.

Language in terms of grammar stimulates the left hemisphere of the brain while language in terms of intonation and accentuation stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain. In My Little Genius classes, English and Chinese are used (in one language each week) as a medium to conduct activities for the children so that these children can be exposed to a whole array of brain-stimulation activities, with the added advantage of using these languages to further stimulate both hemispheres of their brains.

Brain stimulation needs to start from as young as possible. Children who have attended and graduated from My Little Genius have gone on to do well in their studies. The common trait of our graduates is that they love to learn. Being continuously exposed to brain stimulation activities in a fun way motivates the child to be inquisitive and want to continue to learn more. It is this sense of curiosity which makes the child’s quest for acquiring new skill sets and knowledge enjoyable for them. Such learning experiences only serve to make them want to learn even more.

In a typical lesson, due to the nature of a child’s active right brain, activities are conducted at a fast pace to constantly feed his/her curiosity. Due to a child’s active right brain, he/she is able to see things much faster than the normal adult eye. Conducting activities in fast speed for children further stimulates their right brain and keeps them focused.

Learning is a lifelong journey and the love for learning cannot be extinguished. Start early, start young and build your child’s foundation so that he/she will be equipped with all the positive skill sets and correct attitude towards learning.

Our Vision

To build a balanced society by developing a new generation of children who know how to maximise the use of the whole brain.

Our Mission

While providing fun and infusing a love of learning in children through preschool and beyond:

  • To build a strong interest in the learning of languages
  • To develop excellent learning abilities
  • To unleash each child’s inert potential by improving his/her brain power, memory, concentration, creativity and intelligence
  • To inculcate the right values to help each child grow to be happy and confident
  • Education
  • Indoor
  • Enrichment
Areas of Specialisation
Brain Training, Enrichment
Age Range
6 months to 12 years old
Fee Range
Please contact us via our website for more info.
  • West
Operating Hours
Thursday to Sunday, 9.00am - 7.40pm
Contact Person
Please contact us via our website for more info.
Contact Number
Please contact us via our website for more info.
Email Address
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