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Suu Balm

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Itchy skin is one of the most frustrating and annoying sensations you can have. Just thinking about a persistent itch is enough to drive you mad.

Many people have itchy skin, often due to various common skin conditions, such as eczema (atopic dermatitis), psoriasis, or hives (urticaria), which impacts on the quality of everyday life. The worst thing about an itch is that scratching makes it worse, and people with eczema feel it more than most people, so they are getting a double assault on the body.

Dr Tey Hong Liang, runs the Itch Clinic at the National Skin Centre in Singapore, a regional centre of excellence in skin disorders. Recognising that existing moisturisers and creams were not adequately treating his patients’ itchy dry skin, Dr Tey decided to create a solution.

Suu balm  have  just  launched  a  brand  new  version  –  Suu  Balm  Kids  –  that  is  designed  specifically  for  the  needs  of  children  with  eczema.  Kids Comes in 2 different sizes! Ingredients are carefully chosen to be suitable for sensitive and problem skin. 

How  is  it  different  from  the  original  Suu  Balm?

Young  children  have  very  sensitive  skin  –  they  feel  things  more  than  we  adults  do  –  so  we  reduced  the  amount  of  menthol  (the  ingredient  that  cools  and  relieves  itch)  to  just  1%,  so  that  Suu  Balm  Kids  can  be  used  at  any  age,  from  newborn  upwards,  without  irritation.  Our  menthol  is  made  directly  from  mint  leaves,  which  gives  the  most  natural  cooling  effect.  Secondly,  kids  typically  have  drier  skin  than  adults,  so  we  increased  the  amount  of  skin  repairing  moisturising  ingredients  (ceramides  and  filaggrin  breakdown  products).  Again,  there  are  no  steroids  or  parabens  in  Suu  Balm  Kids,  and  there  are  also  no  preservatives,  and  we’ve  used  the  most  gentle  ingredients  available  to  ensure  Suu  Balm  Kids  is  soft,  gentle  and  kind  to  your  child’s  skin.  

  • No steroids, no parabens and no preservatives 
  • Formulated at the National Skin Centre, Singapore

Suu  Balm  Kids  can  be  purchased  online  at  our  e-store, or  from  Guardian  in  Singapore.


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Eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, dry itchy sensitive skin, hives, heat rash, moisturiser, lotion
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All Age Group
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$20.90 - $29.90
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6814 2836
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