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The Write Connection

At The Write Connection (TWC), we are serious educators. Our curriculum, materials, teaching aids and timing of lessons are carefully considered and put together by experts to achieve maximum impact on our learners. We leave nothing to chance!


TWC wants to put writing back into the equation of learning English. Writing and reading are actually two sides of the same coin. However, much obsession about reading, vocabulary and cloze passages has obscured the importance of writing in a student’s learning. Writing requires higher order thinking as well as a thorough grasp of English. To teach writing well, we also have to cover all the following in our classes:


• Comprehension and Text Analysis

• Grammar

• Vocabulary

• Sentence structure and expressions

• Thinking Skills



Lessons are available at the pre-school, primary and secondary levels.

• Writing Enrichment (Primary 1 ​-​ 6)

• English Tuition (Primary 4 ​-​ ​6)

• Critical Reading and Writing (Secondary 1​ ​-​ ​4)

• P1 Preparatory (Pre-school)

  • Education
  • Enrichment
Areas of Specialisation
Creative Writing, English Language, PSLE English, O Level English, Critical Thinking, Writing, Communication Skills
Age Range
5 to 16 years olds
Fee Range
$40-$75/2 hours
  • East
  • West
  • Central
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